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History is often used for political and impoverished reasons, and facts may help in moving past the clouds of FOG and deception.

Trigger warning - here be a bunch of facts, and so the liberal loonies may be triggered.

Snowflakes 'ave been warned ..

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Modern Aborigines migrated to Australia from India 4230 years ago

Nov 10

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It is time for the Aboriginal industry milking billions($30B) from
taxpayers and the baloney myths to give way to fact and science.

*by Gil May*

The original people of Australia were the giant Java man, then Homo erectus
where numerous subspecies continued to exist, the Kow Swamp people whose
skeletons were dated 6,500 years ago, their ‘robust’ skeletons have thick
brow ridges, sloping foreheads and extremely large teeth unlike modern
humans, they were younger than the more modern Mungo people.  The Mungo
skeletons of a modern type ‘gracile’ people died out 50,000 year before
Know Swamp people.

Due to the prolonged inland droughts the last of the Pintubis (also called
Bindaboos) surrendered their nomadic Stone Age lifestyles in the 1960s,
where the extremities of survival in dry arid country became impossible and
they surrendered to a missionary area for survival.

*DNA tests reveal actor Ernie Dingo has Hindu bloodlines*

They were a ‘robust’ people having the thick brow ridges, and thick skulls
of the last remnants of Homo erectus still living a primitive stone age
life, the final example of unaltered stone age culture in Australia. They
were an incredible people who could live under the most unliveable
conditions ever encountered by humanity — and very different from modern
Aborigines. Their culture, simple at first glance, was incredibly complex
as was their intimacy with their surroundings. This identifies an ancient
hominin that had evolved in Australia and continued to live a traditional
undisturbed life until recent times. Clearly unrelated to modern aborigines.

Like the ancient lineage of marsupials and metronomes (egg laying mammals,
platypus and echidna) that continued to live onwards in isolated Australia,
so too did the world’s last remaining primitive Homo erectus as a
transitional species to Homo sapiens.

We refer you to the study below of DNA analysis of gene flow by Max Planck
Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

Gene flow from India to Australia about 4,000 years ago

Large numbers of Indians migrated to Australia bringing the Dingo with
them, as proven by DNA analysis of gene flow by Max Planck Institute for
Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany.

The immigrants came by boat: Australia was settled numerous times during
its history.

Researcher Irina Pugach and colleagues now analyzed genetic variation from
across the genome from aboriginal Australians, New Guineans, island
Southeast Asians, and Indians. Their DNA findings prove substantial gene
flow from India to Australia 4,230 years ago. i.e. during the Holocene and
well before European contact. “Interestingly,” says Pugach, “this date also
coincides with many changes in the archaeological record of Australia,
which include a sudden change in plant processing and stone tool
technologies, with microliths *(fine stone spear tips)* appearing for the
first time, and the first appearance of the dingo in the fossil record.

Since we detect inflow of genes from India into Australia at around the
same time, it is likely that these changes were related to this migration.”

Ernie Dingo from Hindu descent

Popular Aboriginal TV personality Ernie Dingo, had a DNA test that showed
he was from southern Indian Hindu descent

The nonsense baloney that has become accepted by governments and many in
the population, because they were to uninterested, lazy and did not want to
upset the status quo myth put out for very lucrative financial benefits
from government and free land title worth millions, could have easily been
disproven as original owners and custodians of the land had anyone bothered
to read proven research.

What an international joke, the federal courts accept without any proof
whatsoever of land ownerships history, relying on and accepting people
saying their ancestor have been custodians of the land for many thousands
of years, some even said over 70,000 years, and legislating these lies and
distortions into law.  When DNA analysis of gene flow by Max Planck
Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, proves the
current so called ‘aborigines’ have only been here 4,230 year or 41
generations of mitochondrial DNA steps.
* (very coincidental–this was after the Great Flood.-Ed) *

This document(above link) should be compulsory reading in every school—it
is a very interesting factual perspective of Aboriginal history distortions.

According to Alfred Cort Haddon, a turn of the century figure revered today
as the ‘founding father’ of British anthropology, the aborigines were
clearly “pre-Dravidian” people from South India. In Haddon’s 1909 book, *The
Races of Man*, he asserts that Australia was originally inhabited by
Papuans, or Negritoes, who wandered on the extreme south of the continent.

Later, a pre-Dravidian race migrated to Australia and overran the
continent, absorbing the sparse aboriginal population. In the remarkable
work, *Cape York – The Savage Frontier*, Queensland author Rodney Liddell
asserts, from studying the Jardine diaries, the original Negritoes were
hunted down and wiped out by invading aborigines from India. The tip of
Cape York was one of the major landings used by the invaders who arrived in
either canoes or on rafts.

Archaeologists in 1973 decided to look for campsites and other evidence on
the Cape, finding fireplaces and middens. Although unreliable, carbon
dating of shells and other organic matter was used.

To the horror of the investigating academics, the best they could come up
with was between 600 and 1,100 years of occupation by the aborigines.

It is time for the Aboriginal industry milking billions from taxpayers and
the baloney myths to give way to fact and science. (circa 231BC Phoenicians
settled the east coast of Australia having a settlement near the mouth of
the Hawkesbury River, NSW)

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