Whether To Design Open Source Public Records Equipment

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Wed Jun 10 15:25:25 PDT 2020

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> http://nakamotoinstitute.org/static/docs/from-crossbows-to-cryptography.pdf
>         you should, it's hilariously retarded and a perfect description of
> views that must be avoided....unless your aim is to further empower govcorp.

For transparency, I personally believe that open source surveillance
technology would increase privacy.  I'm trying to understand our
disagreement, in emailing with you.

> It
> > sounds like you need to know that the situation of people being monitored
> > by others will not worsen, is that correct?
>         Do *I* need to know that? Shouldn't that be something very
> important for the people PROMOTING the idea?

So you are furious and need understanding and carefulness around how
dangerous surveillance is?

I mean, the technocratic saviours are selling this as 'good'...while
> ignoring that increasing surveillance is bad. If they are really concerned
> about state power they would be careful to not play into the state's hands.
> >
> > Me, I am very scared around what can happen to me, and what can happen to
> > others, and I need to know I will have belief and support around these
> > things happening, after they are over.  I do not find that belief and
> > support without reviewable evidence, at this time.  That's roughly where
> I
> > come from.
> >
> > Obviously the engineering work will happen anyway by people who care to
> do
> > it rather than discuss it,
>         yeah the kind of people who act without thinking.
> > but it is nice to make sure we are making good
> > choices, because we can influence that process a lot.
> >
> >
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