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> > > So, you can't be sure that a totalitarian state won't re-arise?
> >
> >         That is of course a posibility. So the options are, stick to
> technocratic theocratic tyranny, or overthrow it. The fact that government
> can be 're-created' is obviously not a pro-government argument. You're
> trying to argue against freedom because it allows people to do bad things?
> Well, you see, I'm at a little bit of an impasse.  What am I going to
> do in my anarchist paradise when such a threat to freedom arises?
> Arrest him isn't an option.  Hope that he'll see the light of anarchy?
>  Club him?  I'm in the darkness here, help me see the light.

People struggle for power because something is going wrong for them.  You
and your friends either find paths to change that situation with him, or
you stop or get rid of him.  You can totally arrest him if you like that
word, but his people are liable to start a rebellion and overtake your
self-appointed leadership, in response, some day, because you ignored his
reason for striving for power.

When people can freely communicate and act, they discuss things before they
come to a head, preventing such embarrassing rebellions.

Are you saying you support everyone being controlled by the whims of the

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