freedom - evolution of jew-kristian fascism in the western cesspool [RESEND]

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Tue Jun 9 18:53:28 PDT 2020

> > So, you can't be sure that a totalitarian state won't re-arise?
>         That is of course a posibility. So the options are, stick to  technocratic theocratic tyranny, or overthrow it. The fact that government can be 're-created' is obviously not a pro-government argument. You're trying to argue against freedom because it allows people to do bad things?

Well, you see, I'm at a little bit of an impasse.  What am I going to
do in my anarchist paradise when such a threat to freedom arises?
Arrest him isn't an option.  Hope that he'll see the light of anarchy?
 Club him?  I'm in the darkness here, help me see the light.

> > Why don't you and I duke it out and see whose philosophy is more powerful?
>         we've exchanged messages multiples times and I don't think you ever presented any philosophy...

I'm presenting one now.  That without government, one finds out who's
philosophy is best by "duking it out".

> > Maybe this email informs you a bit better than before.  You see in the
> > old days, rational argument nor government wasn't necessary.  Two
> > people just squared off and whoever won must be the best, by
> > definition.  I think it could work.
> >
> > Of course, I might be missing something....
> > but then, so might  yourself, so... it's still an even fight.  Hmm?
>         so go ahead, prove that your brand of jew-kristian lunacy is 'true' and that government(organized crime) is morally good. Prove that you have any authority to rule your neighbors.

Why use reason?  Isn't reason a type of totalitarian control'?  Ask a
PhD:  you can prove anything with reason, if you're allowed to set the
premises as you like.  And who gets to say whose premises are the
correct ones?

Riddle me that, genius.


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