freedom - evolution of jew-kristian fascism in the western cesspool [RESEND]

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> >         in a free society there's no political power, and 'economic power' is way more distributed than it is today. Apart from that my crystal ball is cloudy.
> So, you can't be sure that a totalitarian state won't re-arise? 

	That is of course a posibility. So the options are, stick to  technocratic theocratic tyranny, or overthrow it. The fact that government can be 're-created' is obviously not a pro-government argument. You're trying to argue against freedom because it allows people to do bad things?

> Why don't you and I duke it out and see whose philosophy is more powerful?

	we've exchanged messages multiples times and I don't think you ever presented any philosophy...

> Maybe this email informs you a bit better than before.  You see in the
> old days, rational argument nor government wasn't necessary.  Two
> people just squared off and whoever won must be the best, by
> definition.  I think it could work.
> Of course, I might be missing something....
> but then, so might  yourself, so... it's still an even fight.  Hmm?

	so go ahead, prove that your brand of jew-kristian lunacy is 'true' and that government(organized crime) is morally good. Prove that you have any authority to rule your neighbors.

> Marcos

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