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 > >LMAO. Keep preaching surveillance technofascism Jim, you're doing a great job.
>> It's too bad you cannot figure out what other people can.  Yes, it is certainly correct to point out that a given technology can probably be employed both to help and hurt freedom, but that's only relevant if you only approach the question qualitatively, not quantitatively.  Yes, a camera can be used by a cop to photograph a perp, or by a citizen to photograph a cop.  But is that merely the only relevant issue?  I don't think so.  They don't cancel themselves out, if you factor in the number of incidents that might be photographed.
>>  But the public probably needs to see hundreds, or even thousands of similar incidents, but they don't, and that's mostly because it's mostly just random chance that a camera would be pointed in the right direction at the right time.  However, the technology mostly already exists to allow people to take a continuous, 360-degree panorama of a protest.  Will it see misconduct by rioters, even looters?  Sure.  But it will also show misconduct by cops, of a kind and extent that most protestors will want to see photographed.
>> I suggest that most protestors will welcome this kind of technology.

>All technology is a liability if there are no leaders.  They amplify
the good and the bad equally.  Unless there are leaders.  Until then
they consume resources.

I think you need to explain that.  So far, it makes no sense to me.  And the "amplify the good and the bad equally" is misleading, because that clearly ignores the size of the 'sides' in the issue.  
Further, the benefits of the cameras depends on who controls the recordings.  If all cops wore body cameras, but the cops could simply press a 'reset' button to eliminate incriminating evidence, that camera wouldn't be of any benefit to ordinary citizens.  The data would survive only if the evidentiary value of the material could be used by the cop against the citizen.  
A camera and recording system, run by an ordinary person,  and in his continuing control, would be one that the cops could not erase.
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