Personal Black Box?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Jun 7 19:44:00 PDT 2020

> 	yes, that's a nice trick - which prolly won't work  "out of the box" with
> the majority of  retardphones even if the hardware was capable of doing it
> ...if the radios supported ad-hoc networks.

Use the phone's USB port to attach the RTL-SDR GnuRadio etc
transmitter dongle, or use the phone's Wi-Fi to speak IP to
such a backpack or pocket carried radio device.
That radio device then does broadcast like satellite, it does not
associate ad-hoc with any network. The receivers in the
neighborhood just record all the transmissions, like anyone
recording TV, FM, Ham, ATS-B, GPS, etc and NSA does.

> And now you started an electronic warfare war with the 'masters' of war.

SDR can probably compete well enough to make a bit of leverage.
To move beyond teams of specialized backpack guerrilla radio units
into being commodity consumer/protester/etc friendly tool is a larger step.

> critical mass ... freedom education
> 'tech' is developed only when it leads to outcomes like facebook

Outcomes follow in way of proportion of mass that uses it.
Reorient mass, tech will be used different, different outcomes.

> facebook youtube

Those central services, and various parts of the internet, will be all
turned off or at least entirely scrubbed during any good uprising,
this is why cypherpunks hardwarepunks etc really need to be
developing commodity distributed SDR guerilla radio networks.
Even if all you want to do with them is watch the independant
news streams coming off all the BeanieCam's Jim sold around
the world.

I hereby assert worldwide intellectual property trademark and copyright
over "BeanieCam", "FannyBox", and all combinations of
"Crypto/Cypher Cam/Vest/Jacket/Coat/Trenchoat/Shoes/Belt/Hat/Glasses/Backpack/Briefcase",
none ever licensed for Govt end use, Jim gets it for $0.50 each
in qty 1M when priced under $50, all nonexcluded parties may
negotiate within for private terms ;)

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