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> Govts and GovCorp adversaries sitting on big quantity of IPv4/8's
> and /n's scattered worldwide, and limitless IPv6/n's.
> How going to audit all those Sybils?

IP4 allocated on known pools assigned to world-wide areas.
this wikipedia page illustrates a distribution.

The point is that the system can control the allocation of nodes by ip4 pool.

In fact , any node can connect to the system, by any transport like ip6 or tor, but only those participating in the voting process are sybil-controlled.

> With massive piles of premined coins and central corporate investors?

I would not call it premine, just mined, the network is running and mining.

Premine implies that the genesis started with allocations, which it is not true.
The way to verify it is by looking at the public ledger, taking the amount of coins in circulation and the originating time -oct-2018- and veryfy it matches 5e8 per minute.

Anyway this is just a number which is unbounded. it is huge intentionally, but small compared to the capacity. Time will adjust the number to real value.

Governance is meant to be distributed, not central authority, eligibility will be given only by skill, not economic power.

> If want to raise Sybil costs, WoT-like human factors
> cost much more than those.

WoT -web of trust, right?

> No one seem bold enough to do old school WoT,
> at least for designs that use some pure "middle" nodes
> (privacy architecture depends if client UTXO nodes can do WoT safely too).

WoU - more fairly named for this systems based on untrusted nodes

> Even worshipped Tor is a Sybil free for all, using all IPv4 btw ahem,
> nothing stopping them, 100 bad nodes a month,
> people got booted for pressing that uncomfy facts about tor.

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