Personal Black Box?

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 6 23:52:13 PDT 2020

> 	you need a 'critical mass' to be able to fight back.

That is almost too slowly building, if at all.

> 	the job of the police is to beat people
> to death when they don't obey their masters.

They don't allow that story on YouTube anymore.
Officially nowhere else soon with all the proposed "laws".

> 	you want to broadcast it

If user can't trust FaceTube to livestream and not delete
the user's feed, and if the cops delete and smash the
device copy of it, and takedown whatever private VPS
user sent it to, then it's gone. So yes broadcasting
the encrypted stream for all receivers in antenna range to pick
up and store is another option beyond trying to insert it live
into some distributed filestore that probably can't handle
the bandwidth anyway, or costs to much coin, etc.
Some areal density of people running receivers and 100GiB
storage each is almost free donation to community with drive
and antenna costs these days. Probably harder to jam local
USB SDR GnuRadio modules / backpack relays than shutdown
cellular data internet needed to reach distributed filestores.
Only the user can see/retrive it, or their lawyer or
M of N personally trusted keyholders... over anonymous
internet overlay or radio in the area. Use offline private key,
streamcrypt to public key, nothing usable left on device
unless user wants to.

> 'technology' will magically make people free.

> their own weapons

Tech itself, sitting in a box, on the shelf, doing nothing, like an
unused cannon, no.

The rest may depend on if cypherpunks tech was to be
deployed as partially equalizing force leverage rapide, in time to
assist effect change before being crushed out by opposing forces.

Or if it was just a bunch of gov goons and state apologists
tripping on acid while typing shit into C compiler in 1990's
and dotbomb.

Or on other combinations of things.

"Liberation tech" is mostly all certainly not interested in
any kind of real freedom... seeming to prefer to liberate
people into slavery of democracy... under liberators boot.

> 	Now, if you technocrats were able to actually deliver on your 'promises'

Tech is one thing, sometimes easily coded and delivered.
Teaching and getting people use it for freedom apparently harder.
All they used it to make Facebook so far.

They are letting cryptocurrency get fucked and behind advantage too,

Because no one is teaching freedom fundamentals.
Only dropping tech on them, so they use it by old wrong teaching.

> will be microchipped soon.

They want it like sheep. All the first world in lead to that hell world.

> their own game using their own weapons.

GovCorp won the database weapon bigtime,
huge sheeple spygame advantage.

>  arms race
> 	easier to smash politicians first. Before they smash you to dust...

They almost had tiny bit of idea to try smashing in the corona and
floyd "revolts",
but stopped like sheep when BossGov said stop.
They did try some simple old brick and flame tech,
and did have some digital new tech in the mix, and so held
advantage for a while.
But now the Boss Monster is going to get another
10-20 year turn at fucking them even harder.
They will have to find more new advantage.

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