Cryptocurrency: Coinbase Sells Its Users Out to FED IRS DEA Etc ChainAnalysis Partners

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Sat Jun 6 18:44:44 PDT 2020

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> > huh? coinbase has been doing that since the very first day when it was 'founded' by a goldman-sachs jew and the US nazi armstrong.
> >
> > by the way, coinbase has been endorsed by roger ver multiple times.
> this last thing sounds weird, like if he was under psychodelic drugs when producing such endorsements : )

	I heard ver repeatedly tell the story* of how armstrong approached him, asking him to invest in coinbase and how ver didn't do it and how badly he now regrets it! Because, by not investing in coinbase-nsa ver failed to grab EVEN MORE MONEY. Money being all he cares about in reality. 

	And then, he has repeatedly praised coinbase for "doing so much to help bitcoin's adoption" or words to that effect. To be fair, ver has mentioned that coinbase having the private keys isn't 'ideal', but hey, they've done so much good anyway...

*public record on jewtube videos


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