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> On 6/6/20, Punk-Stasi 2.0 <punks at> wrote:
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> >> Our society has seen a history that the existence of recorded video
> >> provides evidence against wrong-doers.
> >
> >
> > 	LMAO. Keep preaching surveillance technofascism Jim, you're doing a great job.
> And how exactly you proposing to stop this "progress" JuanG?
> How you going to call them wrong state fuckers out?
> Stop them wrong fucks?

	you need a 'critical mass' to be able to fight back. I think I mentioned it a few times by now. 

> You know how many times people here everywhere been
> harassed wronged infringed upon by ridiculous "authority" "policy"
> with no recorded evidence to even fight it or embarass
> them, share them to world of sheep help wake them, etc.

	Let me explain the basics for you : the job of the police is to beat people to death when they don't obey their masters. That's something that ordinary, grown-up fucktards approve of.

	you want to broadcast it as some kind of 'public' entertainment? 

> Yeah, unless you JuanG come up with some total solution
> that whoever likes, they and Jim is always free to see about
> make and sell crypted recording devices, 

	he's of course free to keep preaching the infintely idiotic view that 'technology' will magically make people free. An infinitely idiotic view which you share to a fair degree, I believe. And I'm free to comment on it.

	Now, if you technocrats were able to actually deliver on your 'promises' then I would certainly shut up. But unless you're completely delusional, you have to admit you're getting nowhere and will be microchipped soon.

> Alternately...
> Who loses arms races?

	one of the points is, do you remotely think you're in a position to 'win' the arms race or even keep up with it somehow? 

	or is your objective to sell more retardphones because you can record cops...while they dutifully protect the retardphone manufacturers? 

	you have to be pretty arrogant to believe that you're going to beat them at their own game using their own weapons. 

> How long races last?
> Who gets smashed along the way?
> Even smashing everything still leaves relative
> problem of authoritarial thoughts over others.
> Unless you smash all sentient life to dust.

	easier to smash politicians first. Before they smash you to dust...while you broadcast it on the arpanet.

> Or educate and retrain it away.
> Then tech does not matter.

	Contrariwise, if you mix a fascist 'culture' with 'technology'  you get a disaster.

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