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>>> so your system doesn't have a bloated chain, which is nice. The 'consensus' is handled by voting...based one IP address one vote. But how robust is relying on IP addresses at the end of the day?
>> IPv4 provides unique features no other protocol has. address space is saturated (scarce) and addresses are not cheap. It is a a nice tool for Sybil control
> OA, when you say this people start disregarding what you say because it is false.
> Any software developer can get thousands of IP addresses by altering a piece of pirated software to include something new of their own design and sharing it in a venue where it hasn't been shared on before.  There are many many other ways and people _think_ of them, _use_ them, are _observed_ using them, and things spread and grow.

what? any developer geting thousands of public IPv4 addresses by modifying software?
Nop. That's not true.
(Or I haven't understood well what you say)

> Relying on IPv4 scarcity is great because it makes it a lot harder to compromise that aspect of the network for the _average_ person.  And your software is small so nobody is going to try to compromise it for any serious reason.  If it is a valuable idea, then once it is open source people will discuss and fix security vulnerabilites, but you should be aware that they exist so you can relate around them.

Yes, I hope a public review of the code will catch a few impl glitches, hopefully not any affecting the design
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