Cryptocurrency: Coinbase Sells Its Users Out to FED IRS DEA Etc ChainAnalysis Partners

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat Jun 6 02:25:44 PDT 2020

Bittrex and other exchanges... "We're KYC Stasi Apologists"...
Bittrex KYC wants left profile, straight on, and right profile, like a
damn mug shot
/r/CryptoCurrency by DarkMatterEclipse
Will not be using Bittrex anymore.
They just disabled my account and said the reason is I need to
resubmit verification. I've already done this before and was fully
verified. But now, they want even more photos and from multiple
Required: Please submit the following 3 images: An image of you
looking directly at the camera, another image of you looking off to
the right, and a final image of you looking off to the left. All 3
photos are required for all requests.
Fucking ridiculous they would need three extra photo to verify it's
you. My guess is they hired a third party company for facial
recognition verification, and this third party is building the
ultimate gov database with this. Orwellian bullshit.


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