freedom - evolution of jew-kristian fascism in the western cesspool

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rules are attempts to write down good ideas.

nobody notices until it's not a good idea anymore.

nobody will ever stop trying to act on good ideas.

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> > "the Reformation meant not the elimination of the Church’s control over
> > everyday life, but rather the substitution of a new form of control for
> the
> > previous one. It meant the repudiation of a control which was very lax,
> at
> > that time scarcely perceptible in practice, and hardly more than formal,
> in
> > favor of a regulation, of the whole of conduct which, penetrating to all
> > departments of private and public life, was infinitely burdensome and
> > earnestly enforced. The rule of the Catholic Church, “punishing the
> heretic,
> > but indulgent to the sinner,” as it was in the past even more than
> today, is
> > now tolerated by peoples of thoroughly modern economic character, and was
> > borne by the richest and economically most advanced peoples on earth at
> > about the turn of the fifteenth century. The rule of Calvinism, on the
> other
> > hand, as it was enforced in the sixteenth century in Geneva and in
> Scotland,
> > at the turn of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in large parts of
> the
> > Netherlands, in the seventeenth in New England, and for a time in England
> > itself, would be for us the most absolutely unbearable form of
> > ecclesiastical control of the individual which could possibly exist."
> And therefore, by the elimination of the State itself, we will create
> a new system of freedom away from the State and ABOLISH ALL RULES --
> even the ones that YOU make for your family or community.
> There shall be no rule.  Because rules imply rulers.  Period.
> *pause*
> The first rule of Fight Club is that there is no Fight Club.
> marcos
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