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Thu Jun 4 06:15:46 PDT 2020

Hey hey, livin it up in Bat Stew land?  NO?  Well sweriously muh, you ain't not knowin what yuze missin :)

>From the dept. of the CCP writing the Chinese memes on deyselves .. comes ...  The CCP - making Tank Man great again :D

One could say "At least the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has a sense of black humour."

   Hong Kong Makes "Disrespecting Chinese National Anthem" A Crime - On Anniversary Of 'Tiananmen Square'

      As if the imposition of a new "National Security" law by the Politburo Standing Committee wasn't enough of a kick to the face for Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement, the city's own executive council, which over the years has been packed with pro-Beijing lawmakers via anti-democratic tactics, has just made it illegal to "disrespect" the Chinese national anthem.

      What's worse: the new law, perhaps the biggest move by the legislature to suppress political freedoms in the city to date, was passed on the anniversary of "the June 4 incident" - better known in the US as the Tiananmen Square massacre, which WSJ noted is a "poignant day" for Hong Kong.

            For the first time, the HK Tiananmen vigil is banned.
            Anyone calling the crackdown on demonstrators here “America’s Tiananmen” is being facile.
            We’re able to talk honestly about our flawed past and move the moral needle. For 31 years, China has buried the memory of Tiananmen.
            — Melissa Chen (@MsMelChen) June 4, 2020

      Many suspect that the law was passed as part of an effort mandated by Beijing to crack down on an annual vigil to honor the victims, which the authorities are refusing to allow this year for the first time since the incident occurred.

            The vote was held on a poignant day in Hong Kong, where for the first time in 30 years, authorities refused permission for a mass vigil to mourn the deaths of the pro-democracy students gunned down by Chinese soldiers in Tiananmen Square 31 years ago. Police objected to the vigil, citing social-distancing rules amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic, and threatened to arrest those who violated the ban.

There are regimes, and there are regimes.

On Mon, Jun 01, 2020 at 12:34:25PM +1000, Zig the N.g wrote:
> When presented with essential propaganda, it is most important to not find the humorous side, and only treat everything with the utmost seriousness...
> So remember y'all, a vote for D is a vote for Xi  :D
>    Xi Takes Up Trump's Challenge
>     Patrick Buchanan via,
>       .. “China’s been ruled by a brutal, authoritarian regime, a communist regime since 1949. For several decades, we thought the regime would become more like us through trade, scientific exchanges, diplomatic outreach … (but) that didn’t happen.
>       .. Who did this to us? We did it to ourselves.
>    Schlichter: This Election Is Republicans Versus China
>     Kurt Schlichter, op-ed via,
>       It’s pretty clear who the commie bastards known for their shoddy lab practices and their weird fetish for gnawing on pangolins badly want to win in November, and it's not Trump and the Republicans. The Chinese communists want their money’s worth, and they will go all-in for the Democrats who find the chance to hurt Trump at the same time they hurt America too delicious to pass up. Plus, the Dems heartily approve of what Mao’s Pals are doing to freedom-loving Hong Kongers, seeing it as a template for what they would love to do to freedom-loving us.
>       We need to understand and accept that a vote for anyone with a “D” is a vote for Xi.
>       ...

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