[MONEY] - central banks defending Western assets against Chinese takeover

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Jun 4 02:24:59 PDT 2020

OK muffas, lotta folks missin the CB memo, from ZeroHedge to the JYT:

Since the "Russia is the ultimate evil and Globalism is the greatest good ever" program has fallen with Trump (and Putin before and since) and the/his/our nationalist agenda (yeah, yeah, no doubt that was painful for the CBs - central bankers - of the world), at least they (the CBs) are defending Western assets against Chinese takeovers in the midst of all the fuss (this IS a fundamental global shift after all).

So we can give them that credit point, and frankly, if they want to buy Amazon at $2,800 USD per share (!holy firetruck Batman!) and Tesla at circa $800 per share (damn cheap in comparison) then hey, a buy a day keeps the Chinks away, right?

Here's an example of one soon to be enlightened:

   Breaking Bad - Valuations Are Screaming "Danger"
    Sven Henrich via NorthmanTrader.com,

      Well, they’ve done it again. The Fed has once again managed to erase the larger market pain. This time it was not the standard correction that was erased, this time they erased a market crash as $NDX is trading at all time human history highs.

      I, for one, have to say I am surprised how effective central banks have been in squeezing markets higher again. I thought after 10 years of this monetary nonsense they would finally lose effectiveness in their ability to manipulate markets. Clearly I was wrong. But then I also didn’t see $3 trillion in Fed balance sheet expansion coming in a matter of a few months.

      So one has to clearly acknowledge central banks continue to hold complete control over these markets. But it comes at a price that will remain ignored for now, but nevertheless I’m aiming to highlight some of the issues I see.

      In my view central banks, in their quest to conduct a successful rescue operation, are killing the patient in the process. And nobody holds them to account, except some perplexed voices like myself are trying to at least raise the issues. (See also Stock Market Straight Talk)

      .. Mohammed El-Erian: "By contributing to higher wealth inequality and dragging the Fed deeper into “quasi fiscal” funding operations, the central bank also risks its credibility and political autonomy"

What El-Erian is missing above is that the West is absolutely in an existential crisis: having plundered much of our Western manufacturing capacity straight into China for decades, which was literally for the huge economic (and Chinese wage serfs) arbitrage opportunity for Western (and of course Eastern) oligarchs, destroying much of Western employment and real wealth in the process, our oligarchs are now facing the truth of China's utterly nationalist China-First policy and China's willingness to break contracts, implicit or otherwise, even with the king makers.  And that this China-First principle is so ingrained, it's not even "China's principle" - it is inherent in every Chinese national, it is almost the definition of being Chinese - "China, first! We Chinese are the superior race, you are but White trash of Asia." (Search it if you don't believe it and take a moment to grok..)

Welp, as some anon said somewhere, "you don't double cross the world bankers and expect to come out unscathed," and it sure looks like China is about to learn this lesson in an entirely empirical way... and please, let's have compassion here - we ought wish the Chinese people the very best, to achieve their highest, to live great principles and dreams - just not at the cost of our own civilization, not at the cost of our own enslavement to them (nor to anyone else for that matter!).

If the CBs were a little more honest about this final round of QE to infinity and beyond, rather than say things like "Fed Policies ‘Absolutely’ Don’t Add to Inequality", they'd instead say something like "Our globalist agenda went to shirt, we're now nationalising and saving all that we consider to be prime assets, from the Red regime - please try and be thankful already."

Well, in this case, "Thank you Central Banks."  Some of us can see that this is indeed a rescue program for the West itself. For this, I really am grateful, and shudder to think of life under the regime that executes you outside your office block in broad daylight to set an example to your coworkers if it thinks you're a spy.  We  don't  want that, and we don't want that ruling over us, not in any form whatsoever.  So again, thank you Central Bankers for bringing us back from the brink - please do stay the course.

Here's the thing - between the Rothschilds, and the Chinese, I choose the Rothschilds every day!  Now, yes, I can hear that at some level this may be a false dichotomy, but right at this moment in history the West is at crisis point in respect of China (!), and we were at a very dangerous cross roads, so let's be glad that at least our oligarchs noticed the bigger problem here. They might be sociopathic oligarchs, but they're OUR sociopathic oligarchs :) :/ :) hmmm...

Now if only our gutless Aussie 'leaders' can get with the fine program, we could speed up our 'down under' ship and set course ahoy!

(Our Labour/Green party is roughly equivalent to Democrats, and our Liberal/National roughly eq. to Republicans, and Labour seems to be mostly in control at the moment, especially at the state level, and it sure looks like they're bemoaning the loss of Globalism, AND evidently actually compromised to Chinese funding - change is tough, I really do get that, but in this case, we gotta change!)

 Just ignore snide pre-millenian superior humilité in lé finé exposé abové :D
 You want the humble?  You can't handle the humble =)

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