[liberationtech] "The Nine Most Terrifying Words In The English Language", Pre-dates Reagan... (LT Digest, Vol 30, Issue 1)

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 23:18:51 PDT 2020

> There is a VERY SERIOUS need for societies to have critical questions relating to "common-futures" brought to the surface, pondered and answered.

Given that meme's all been explored since eons with quite some
deleterious effect upon rights, there is VERY OBVIOUSLY
far more serious need to give at least equal, for the first time
ever in history, to pondering the natural right of others to not be
forced upon theft and death, to determine and live their "own-future",
free from the force of such ponderers commons of thuggery upon them.

> OUR concentrations (in multiple areas) ought to DRAMATICALLY
> shift from maintaining a "Law and Order" focus, to that of "Human &
> Individual RIGHTS" based orientations.

Democracy's "law and order", more precisely its self serving
and preserving created defined scheme of such, is based at
its underlying fundamental core upon
a) forcing other harmless people to do the bidding the majority whim that
"vote" or otherwise decide or craft such powers for themselves over others
(which is in fact a false authority concocted purely and wholly out of
thin air), or
b) be thieved prisoned killed by such power and die.
Both of which are grave offensive sins upon "human and individual" rights.
These two options are ultimately the sum total offered by democracy,
no other options exist, and there is no fixing or modifying of this facts.
Democracy is thus utterly incapable of recognizing and incorporating
"human and individual rights"... as it considers those and all other
considerations to be lesser moot concepts entirely disposable at will
to its primary concerns and functions... its own illegitimate abusive
force power over others such rights, self preserving its system.
This is why every democracy in history, and every democracy
in the future, has, and will, utterly run roughshod and fuck over
"human and individual" rights.
If you want to shift to based on human and individual... natural rights,
you must shift away from democracy to a school of something else.
For so long as people continue to deny these basic facts,
that something else must be left for you to discover at
such time as their brains opens to seeking it.
Giving up forcing other humans to do your will, what you want,
becoming that freedom, is terrifying task for most.
Nor can there be any free commons until such time.

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