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Tue Jun 2 12:38:04 PDT 2020

On Tue, 2 Jun 2020 17:12:29 +0000
Douglas Lucas <dal at riseup.net> wrote:

> Unlike her glossary, Marsh's New Orwellian Dictionary is definitions of
> doublespeak, i.e. how the authorities use language, not her 

	except, that's an outright lie : 

	As stated previously, in the minds of feminazis anything even marginally related to sex is RAPE. Now, it just so happens that lucas' authorities ARE feminazis. Half of them are 'left wing' 'secular' feminazis (like the marsh cunt) and the other half are jew-kristian puritans - unhinged anti-sex crusaders...a.k.a. feminazis. The US is spreading 'democracy' and  'liberating' womgnyz all over the world, etc.

	 So what marsh's 'dictionary' shows is how feminazis see sex, and how they use language. The authorities and mainstream media never talk about 'peccadillos' - on the contrary they suggest that any 'peccadillo' is actually RAPE and "dismemberment of children". When a feminazi hears the word 'peccadillo' she 'knows' that what 'actually happened' was a RAPE and "dismemberment of children".

	Now look at marsh 'real' 'definition' of sex : 

	"Sex: There are three powers of sex. The exosocial power creates strong euphoric and empathic bonds with another person. The endosocial power creates an endosocial membrane, with the subjects joined within the membrane or divided by it. The endogroup power can be used to sublate one self to another within an endogroup membrane." 

	clearly the ramblings of a lunatic, I mean a 'social scientist'.

	One has to be infinitely dishonest to ignore the fact that the US is the world's biggest puritan cesspool on the planet and that their "war against pedophilia" is one of their favorite sports, the other being blowing children up for the greatness of goldman sachs.

> -- a fact
> that Punk obviously photoshopped out from Punk's false excerpting earlier.

	there was no false excerpting. I provided the source and I'm explaining the facts again.

> Just got over 800 new twitter followers these past 72 hours, about to
> break 3000, meanwhile we all know Punk is a bikeshedder

	Right, I could rest my case here. Nothing says 'cypherpunk' like a feminazi(i.e. US military agent) getting more 'followers' on twatter.

	Yes douglas, spreading US military propaganda on twatter-mosad-nsa is the non-plus-ultra of digital anarchy. I bow to your non-bikeshedding accomplishments.

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