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Punk-Stasi 2.0 punks at tfwno.gf
Tue Jun 2 00:40:44 PDT 2020

On Tue, 2 Jun 2020 02:48:10 -0400
grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:

> > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Germany
> Your own quoted and trusted German link 

	it's not 'trusted'. It's 100% official propaganda. I don't have to 'trust' or 'distrust' anything. Just draw a conclusion from the propaganda that you see as 'reality'. The conclusion is that most of the victims are so old that they should have died of something else, years ago. 

> tells you 4.6% of those with
> corona (which your dishonesty to biogenetic classification calls "flu"),

	it is the flu, you ignorant techno fascist. Obviously as a brain dead technocrat you believe whatever your 'scientist' masters and high school tells you...what a pity!

> died with it... due to primary/secondary/complication/contributory
> or whatever else you claim.

	so you didn't get the point? Or are just playing dumb? Do you have trouble understanding the connection with 'life expectancy'? 

> Bottom line... regardless of whatever may be the real numbers,

	it's not about the real numbers...

> until you're willing to livestream yourself snorting a vial of corona,

	lawl - so anyway, thanks for showing you are indeed a cowardly fucktard who parrots US military propaganda. Now, to sum up : 

	 Jim Bell used the propaganda as excuse to promote his 'anonymous' retard-phone NSA tracking.

	comrade fairbigbrother made hysterical noises 100% aligned with the official fairy tale

	the feminazi 'anarchist' douglas dutifully believes in Fascist Flu Farce....

	and so do you.  In other words, this list is a stupid joke. 

> talk of it being somehow moot for everyone, is well... moot.
> fyi: Every death in this universe is "natural" including you
> getting hit by meteor, eaten by a croc, or pounded for
> being an asshole.

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