what is "Herd Immunity"?

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at tfwno.gf
Fri Jul 31 09:49:20 PDT 2020

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020 16:44:45 +1000
Zenaan Harkness <zen at freedbms.net> wrote:

> Had a friend annoyed at masks the other day, complaining heavily "muh
> human right to shop at the supermarket without wearing a mask!"

> I: If you survive, you survive; those who die, are left to die, the
> rest of the herd is immune…

	lawl - the worthless piece of shit harkness is now playing the snowflake card! He's gone from white supremacist trump cocksucker to 'compassionate' 'humanitarian' worried about the 'welfare' of the 'herd'.

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