Mozilla's Firefox can go to hell!

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at
Fri Jul 31 03:37:53 PDT 2020

FireFox's new multi-process "Web Content" process (per tab) is now being forced on Debian Sid users, hitting 70% CPU consistently at all times, even with all plugins disabled and a browser restart.

Effing, morons!

In time, FireFox will now be replaced.

Such stupidity, in this case from Mozilla, must receive a suitable response in the market of browsers.  And it shall.  A price will be paid, if it takes 10 years or more!

And whilst we're ranting, Gnome's "force Apple OSX style UI/ window decorations in all desktops", violating the floss world's multitude of options for "desktop environment", means we now have multiple window styles, one for each "desktop's" apps, e.g. XFCE standard apps, and Gnome's sucky OSX enforced windows for Evince, Epiphany, etc.

Opinionated morons everywhere saying "oh, but it's got to have all these features running simultaneously" or "oh but all windows must be consistent so let's force _our_ window style on our apps".



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