Fuck the set of all...

Douglas Lucas dal at riseup.net
Wed Jul 29 16:13:00 PDT 2020

A symphony in 4 parts

Part the First, angry and intentionally provocative) Fuck the set of all
cypherpunks who fluff Assadnge endlessly.

Part the Second, deliberate and careful) Fuck the set of all cypherpunks
who, like looking at the one-way direction of prime numbers, want all
ExploitativeQuidProQuos/IdentityPoliticsImpermeableBoundaries to
continue forever because they want victory for able bodied and for hoarders.

Part the Third, deliberate but with a touch of scherzo suggesting
erroneous grep -v and grep not piping across &&s correctly) Reward the
set of all cypherpunks who in their verily verily souls, want the unpaid
invoices of the lifegiving to flow back to the great-grandmothers, etc.,
while still understanding all humans are one, and an injustice to any
single human is an injustice to all humans, so on, so forth.

Part the Fourth, presto vivace, scherzo increasing ad infinitum) Can
someone recommend which LaTeX will work with which prices for dedicated
hardware RAM drives combined with annual and monthly commodity prices
for centuries and World Banks and Galactic crop sections and old science
fiction models as my eyes spin like economic cycles flowing around
unchanging charts of households and firms? If a browser-based Jitsi Meet
goes up the butt of a client-installed Zoom client even with zoombombing
patched as the passports divide and recombine, exploding with
combinations far beyon the Cambrian era of Pantera's Vulgar Display of
Power out Phil Anselmo's psychopharmaceutical prescriber's other nyms
making fun of the set of all possible heavy metal maniacs who need
lorazepam like a threesome in the South China Sea as turmeric and ginger
fall from the sky?

Have fun, and happy rioting, self defense, and fucking up shit!

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