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> Just watched 10 secs of the interview with Assange's .. Partner
> The former 'partner' is her lawyer and in front of what?
> Even if *she* makes him going out of jail it's just female understanding
> each others...
> Not like a helicopter extraction and shoot ... shoot .. Shoot
> like men do :-)
> oooo that fucking female world... sometimes I think Dombass not good
> enough, I get asylum in chechenya ...
> if you think I just kidding... I really mean it and I really live there

Did you see it, Mirimir?  Nobody likes female lawyers...  So, darling, no
rational reason for jealousy.  ;)

Do you think I should tell him that "Chechenya" is an old Brazilian slang
for "pussy" or not?  I laughed a lot when I read about asking "asylum in
Chechenya"...  ;)

Hey, a fast joke for Juan!  :D

Give a man a fish, you’ve assumed a gender and offended a vegan."

And this one is for the list!  It's older than me, but it's still cute!  :D

"Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar.

You can't tell me that's just coincidence."

Disinfected kisses and hugs!!!  Take care and be well, everyone!!!  <3
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