NYT accidentally publishes Ghislaine Maxwell obituary ahead of schedule

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at tfwno.gf
Sun Jul 26 11:59:31 PDT 2020

On Sun, 26 Jul 2020 18:18:52 +1000
"Zig the N.g" <ziggerjoe at yandex.com> wrote:

> OK Karl, it is satire.
> The BabylonBee.com is satire.
> This is the second time you've publicly commented on a satire article as though it is not satire.

	your spam is composed of endless pages of fascist self-parody. You're pretending to be unware of the fact that every time you suck trump's cock you're 'satirizing' yourself. 

	What's notable is that somebody bothered to take a look at your spam, not that he misread it. 

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