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Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:

> Punk, would you be interested in helping preserve videos of police
> violence?  

	I can keep a few of them on my HD if that's of any use.

> Copwatch projects are hard to maintain because they can be seen
> as counter to the local authorities.

> Well police officers do have blaming, endangering, and harming people as
> their job right now, under the label of serving and protecting other people.

	the job description of the police has always been "to serve and protect the ruling class". They enforce the 'laws' that politicians make up. Cops are hitmen who do whatever they are told to do. The only possible good cop is one that turns against his masters and so stops being a cop. 

> What's most important is handling what actually happens, yes, but I
> differentiate between who people are, and what harm they are one of the
> causes of.  For example, it is kind of you to defend those of us who have
> been severely harmed by a cop, but to cops it is an un-nice thing to
> express worthlessness around them.  I do not take sides in the end.  I
> still have experiences I am passionate about.

	yeah people who are in the wrong don't want to admit that they are in the wrong. Same reason why the US govt and supporters invade and loot the whole world and murder tens of millions of people while pretending they are the good guys, bringing 'freedom' 

	Same reason why US military employee musk wants to bring 'free internet' to iran .

	You probably can find a few more examples of criminals pretending that they have the high moral ground....

> > > it may be in your personal interest to keep in mind that many police
> > > > officers at least originally joined the police because they either
> > wanted
> > > > to make a positive difference in their community,
> >
> >         false
> >
> What's your knowledge?  We all seem to come from different countries, for
> one thing.

	The police here tend to be lazy and corrupt so that partially limits the damage they cause, but not that much. 

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