IQNets, Tor, "Dumpster Fires"

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Jul 26 05:33:04 PDT 2020

[If this arrives twice, that's b/c the first one from nearly 3 hours
ago did not arrive on the list.]

Karl, your failure to fix your email client or to use a proper client,
causes replying to your emails to involve annoying extra work every

 - no List-ID header, so I'm having to "reply all" and delete the
other recipients, or to manually add the list address back in

 - duplicate emails from you, consistently

Feel free to continue to burden those who would otherwise attempt to
engage with you, but I'm almost out of tuits.

I'll give it one more shot, in the hope that you will begin to use a
proper email client.


Regarding the below, a quick yandex search brings up this:

   .. Passive attacks are correlation based on observations. Do not
underestimate this. With the NSA's fangs on literally every fiber
optic cable and in every exchange they can weasel into, GPA. They are
difficult to defeat unless you are filling the network with fill
traffic such that they can't tell wheat from chaff. Tor doesn't do

   ..  At this point the middle node could also randomly appends 5-10%
binary chaff to the streams to obfuscate the size.

   .. My understanding is that Navy intelligence wanted a tool they
could use on the open net to hide operatives. If only MI used it,
they'd be identifiable by fingerprint of the software. So we are just
chaff for the NSA, under that theory, to hide them hiding what they
wish to keep hidden themselves. Tor users may be the only secrets left
safe, if the NSA hasn't built better yet. ;)


So, the Tor Project is under no illusion about chaff.

The issue is not that they don't know about it, but that they may not
implement chaff fill.  That would cause serious problems for their
ability to track and deanonymize who is talking to who etc.

Once again, you appear to be labouring under the illusion that those
whom you acknowledge have already censored/banned you (another example
of "your superiors"), are good people "doing their best" who are
perhaps just a little misguided but for the enlightenment you are
about to bring to them.

Karl, could there be a lesson here for you?

You might find there are a few castaways on this list who used to post
on the tor email list(s), but got banned and/or censored, just like
you ...

Good luck,

On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:32:45AM -0400, Karl wrote:
> Hi,
> Long story short:
> A Tor dev "pastly" on OFTC muted me ("remotecontrolledboy") in their off
> topic channel relating to asking about an event some years ago with
> coderman.  pastly and I also had some positive interactions supporting
> users of Tor and did not stop me from slightly raising the bar.
> I'm thinking of posting something like this in their main channel:
> "pastly, some of our experienced people running an onion host were recently
> deanonymized by DHS.  zenaan harkness has collected a number of needed
> improvements to Tor to prevent such deanonymization in a project called
> IQNets.  we understand that handling this is difficult and are happy to
> eventually resolve it ourselves, but things could go a lot better if we
> worked together.  The history of the nascent IQNets project is stored in
> the on-chain repositories managed by bsv
> address 1CQKe1veVPUaxpeYXeqAHnA4SJQpnbfZ2v.  dumpster fires are for staying
> anonymous in many different ways.  would you be willing to unmute me in
> #tor-offtopic?"
> I tried to post the private key to that address when I posted the
> exconfidetial repo.  Not attached to it.
> If no clear reply is received by me I'll take it as indication to proceed
> however I feel.
> Thank you.
> -
> K
> There is proof inside many peoples' electronics.  Proof that a marketing
> group would contract development of a frightening virus.  A virus that
> responds to peoples' keystrokes and browsing habits, and changes what
> people see on their devices.  A virus that alters political behavior en
> masse, for profit.

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