Bunker Fuel - black strap molasses

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Sun Jul 26 02:15:49 PDT 2020

Black strap molasses, either in jars or larger food grade storage containers, is classified as a super food, and it's super affordable (relatively).

>From porridge to coffee, molasses is mineral rich and stores really well (if you start with a large container, decant into e.g. jars for daily use (minimises the risk of a large sealed bucket going mouldy etc).

Such high density mineral supplement at such an affordable price, is rare these days, and thanks to our sugar industry, should remain affordable.

You can also mix it with ascorbic acid and warm water, or perhaps lemon juice, to make morning drink.

Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium are particularly good for men, and for quickly solving muscle cramps.  If you have animals including cats and dogs that you may need to keep healthy in times where a vet is hard or inpossible to get to or to afford, "horse molasses" is even cheaper, in bulk and supposedly lower quality, but will certainly provide a treat for your cat if mixed in with milk.

If you are prepping for the apopalypse, you might even keep a written copy of a "how to make licorice" recipe.

May your apocalypse be healthy for you and yours ;)

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