NYT accidentally publishes Ghislaine Maxwell obituary ahead of schedule

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Sun Jul 26 01:18:52 PDT 2020

OK Karl, it is satire.

The BabylonBee.com is satire.

This is the second time you've publicly commented on a satire article as though it is not satire.

It is a good lesson for me here - some people are not able to distinguish satire in the written form, and also fail, repeatedly, to actually read original articles (with dozens of BabylonBee.com articles posted, evidently Karl (but the individual is not the issue here) has not actually clicked on even one, or if he did, he  still  failed to recognise that this site is a satire site.

That is actually counter productive for all of us, and in a very real way dangerous, since then it appears that a lot of falsehoods (which are simply satire) are being spread and read as factual, rather than the dry satirycal commentary on certain of the problems in our broader Western community today.

And that, is not good.

I take my duty of care to us all, seriously.

So Karl, I hope you are now under no illusion about the many links I have posted to the BabylonBee.com.

As an evidently necessary precaution, from now on I shall either pre- or post-fix such emails with "[SATIRE]" or something similar, in an attempt to avoid the real damage that may arise when folks are for whatever reasons not able to identify satire as satire.

Karl, I hope there is a positive (or "constructive") lesson here for you, perhaps in relation to "believing everything your superiors say to you" - in this case, what you read as "true" was actually just "shit posting" with the intention to point out how stupid some parts of our shared reality are.  Take care and I hope that you will no longer be mislead by what I mistakenly thought was "obvious to see, must be" satire.

We are in precarious times, and, for example, Juan's no nonsense straight talk may well be a more functional (for everybody) approach.  We certainly do not need exaggerated falsehoods to be amplified, far from it!

Take care everybody, and let's look out for one another, these are challenging times...

(In case it's useful, the satire might highlight that her life may be at risk - she's in the same jail Epstein was "suicided" in.)

On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 03:00:58PM -0400, Karl wrote:
> Zig below has bravely quoted a public death threat issued denianly by
> the business mafia.  These things are very common.
> If you could cut through the deniability and make clear argument that it is
> a death threat, it would be the job of the local authorities to stop it,
> criminally charge the source of it, and protect the target.  This rarely
> happens as far as I am aware of.
> Death threats are used when fear is preferred to actual death.
> You could make progress on figuring out where the threat came from by
> talking with the people who published the article.  Trump and Hillary are
> just towing the line, both.
> -
> K
> There is proof inside many peoples' electronics.  Proof that a marketing
> group would contract development of a frightening virus.  A virus that
> responds to peoples' keystrokes and browsing habits, and changes what
> people see on their devices.  A virus that alters political behavior en
> masse, for profit.
> On Wed, Jul 22, 2020, 2:28 PM Zig the N.g <ziggerjoe at yandex.com> wrote:
> >    New York Times Accidentally Publishes Ghislaine Maxwell Obituary Ahead
> > Of Schedule
> >
> > https://babylonbee.com/news/oops-ghislaine-maxwell-included-in-list-of-covid-19-deaths
> >
> >       [cute pic not attached]
> >
> >       NEW YORK, NY—Oops! The New York Times accidentally included Ghislaine
> >       Maxwell in its daily list of New Yorkers killed by COVID-19,
> > publishing
> >       the socialite's name on its website Tuesday morning.
> >
> >       The glowing obituary called Maxwell a "generous, loving, austere
> >       childcare provider" who "will be missed by many of us elites." ...
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > In other news, NY governor Cuomo is blazing an old new trail:
> >
> >    Ceremony Honoring Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 Response To Be Held At
> > Now-Vacant Nursing Home
> >
> > https://babylonbee.com/news/ceremony-honoring-governor-cuomos-covid-19-response-to-be-held-at-now-vacant-nursing-home
> >
> >       ALBANY, NY—A ceremony honoring Governor Cuomo's fantastic response
> > to the
> >       coronavirus pandemic will be held at a convenient location: a
> > now-vacant
> >       nursing home upstate.
> >
> >       Cuomo was awarded the United States Award for Disease Response
> > Excellence
> >       by Dr. Anthony Fauci at the recently vacated venue.
> >
> >       "We just had all this free space opened up," said Cuomo. "This is a
> > great
> >       new space to host all kinds of cool events. They've got a cafeteria,
> > lots
> >       of available beds for a little shut-eye, and a room to play Bingo. I
> >       could get comfortable here."
> >
> >       ..
> >

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