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> > > I read the Cypherpunk manifesto... in other words: "me want privacy"
> > > It's even an idea, as basic as it is. Ecven the Unabomber manifesto has more ideas : "me againt technology,m technology bad... cannot say why"
> > 
> > 	I think kaczynski makes it  clear why technology as it exists today is bad. He also has a half-psychobable theory about the "power process", "surrogate activities" etc. Ignoring the psychobable, he's well aware that people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem. 
> Now that's a very clear statement of a/the fundamental problem:
>    people don't control their lives, which is "the" political problem
> Such clarity is really valuable.  Awesome!
> From this we can ask things like (only half tongue in ckeek) "are there many people who _want_ to control their lives?"
> The responsibility inherent in "yes, I want to control my life" is perhaps not so popular...
> Also from this clear problem statement of "what's needed to control my life?" we can state and discuss possible solutions:
>  - vertical integration - i.e. grow your own food or at least some of it, collect your own water etc
>  - create (or "make real") smaller, more local communities
> and other things up the chain, like maker spaces, energy production, open source cars and other tech that can be made and maintained by communities of a certain size.
> We start from where we are, and I tell you this: I sure as heaven control my dang toothbrush and underwear!  There ain't not no dang hippy bastard gonna "just share" my toothbrush or underwear, or he gonna find his elf a new, if temporary, rationship with the floor :D

   A Lost Year – Where Do You Go From Here?
   Peter R. Quinones via The Liberarian Institute,

      ..  If we are to survive this chaotic epoch, it is incumbent upon the individual to act, that he or she takes matters into their own hands and become as independent from the system as they can. ..

      .. anyone who is paying attention is beginning to realize we are somewhere new

      .. in an already insane age where one’s character is judged by whether they believe Donald Trump is “literally Hitler,”

      .. It would not be unfair to ask if civility is dead. If people are willing to threaten each other’s livelihoods and, in many cases, yell at strangers in public for everything from politics to how to handle the CV-19 crisis, how does one cope?

      .. Samuel Edward Konkin III developed the idea of agorism. Many people now call themselves “Agorists” but agorism is something you do. The idea of counter-economics, doing business outside of the government approved market is nothing new. Sam was just the first to give it a name and develop it as a strategy.

      .. In the age of forced government lockdowns and potential shortages of bare necessities, the “black” and “gray” markets may become essential for survival. Constantly communicating with your local stores is a good idea. If a store owner feels like a shortage is coming, they may hold back supply for themselves so starting a relationship with them in which they may allow you to buy some of that supply for yourself is smart. For those who can access private farms the same kind of friendship would be prudent for in the experience of this author farmers are more apt to participate in such activities.

      .. numerous employees of Cisco were fired for posting “All Lives Matter” on internal message boards

      .. At a time when even private companies are bending the knee to the mob and destroying people’s livelihoods for having an opinion contrary to an incredibly small minority, it has never been more important to start a side-hustle outside of your day job

      .. People who live in apartments can grow potatoes in 55-gallon drums on their porch and sell them to friends or at the local farmer’s market. Again, untaxed income.

      Whatever you come up with just start doing it. Get moving. Protect yourself and your family in these extremely uncertain times.

      Counter-Economics and Safety

      Contrary to popular opinion the police are not there to protect you. If you are in the process of suffering a home invasion and the closest officer is five minutes away, that can be the longest five minutes of your life. Or it could be the end for you. The protests that have turned into riots and lootings clearly show the police are not only not willing to protect private citizens but, in many cases, they are abandoning their own precincts and allowing the mob to take them over.

      If you own firearms get training. In the experience of this author, most firearm instructors work counter-economically. Meaning, they will accept cash in exchange for their services. Many will even teach you how to buy a weapon privately and off the books (no taxes collected) if that is legal in your area. 3D-printers must be mentioned along with CNC machines as they will allow you to manufacture a quality weapon in the privacy of your own home.

      That there are still people out there who have experienced the last four months and are relying on the government for necessities, security and safety is a testament to how well the State has convinced us that they are mommy and daddy. The time for begging for scraps and calling for them to act is over. If we are to survive this chaotic epoch, it is incumbent upon the individual to act, that he or she takes matters into their own hands and become as independent from the system as they can. Many lives have already been lost or irreparably damaged due to either the action, or inaction of the State. Make a decision to cast them aside and live free. Death is on the table.

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