Constructive messages

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sat Jul 25 19:47:22 PDT 2020

A fundamentally constructive message is that folks need to get going in their own lives, figuring out (if they have not done so already) what "good" or "righteous" means to themselves, and then actually live that; that is, choose and do actions which are in support of their own understading and reality of right and wrong.

To pick one totally random example, the CIA has systemic or "structural" limitations, in that for starters they are meant to support the USA president, and so we can imagine that the wildcard "bad orange" president may well not survive the November elections, and then those "organs of state" which support the president suddenly would have to again "switch gears" so to speak, in that case supporting the soon to be gone Biden, likely replaced by Hillary or some equally despotic equivalent.

So we must work in a very real sense as individuals, within the limits of our capacity and authority, and where we can, expanding those limits.

Plainly, a lot (for the West) obviously hinges on November, and so it's all very well for angry little punks to run around throwing the gauntlet down, but that by itself does not change reality - we must each do what we can, day by day.

Create our world,

   Martenson: We Are On Our Own In The Post-COVID World
   Chris Martenson via,

      It's time to be our own heroes, because those in charge sure won't be...

      Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit, things weren’t all that great for the bottom 90% of households.

      The median household was barely scraping by with ultra-low financial reserves, meager retirement savings and high levels of debt. All while being relentlessly crushed by cost of living inflation running far higher than the blatantly fraudulent government statistics offered up by the BLS.

      Even more infuriating, the economic pie was preferentially handed to the top 10% — well, more specifically, to the top 1%. And even more dramatically to the top 0.1%.  Don’t even get me started on the 0.001%…

      While often presented in the media as a puzzling thing without any root cause, both the income and wealth gaps are the direct result of Federal Reserve policies and actions Helped, of course, by lobbyists for the elites influencing Congressional tax legislation.


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