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I registered to that mailing list for a few weeks by now.

My surprise: no ideology, no thoughts, no 'operative' or 'operational' intelligence but only 'passive' intelligence, just forwarding events like synapses would transmit messages.

(I don't say that specifically for you Jim Bell, whether you are the 'real' Jim bell or a fake)

Using ideas, not 'raw feelings' is a mark of 'superior' intelligence.
Using 'concepts' not 'news' is equivalent mark.

Our 'post-whatever-modern-oindustrial' societies destroy intelligence to replace it by a fog , a swamp , a cloud of diffuse 'feelings'; 'desires' and other such brownian movement orientated stuff.

Try to read Spinoza: Axioms... theorems in terms of philosophy
Concepts, theoiry, demonstration, examples...
Constatation, analysis, synthesis ...
whatever ...

I read the Cypherpunk manifesto... in other words: "me want privacy"
It's even an idea, as basic as it is. Ecven the Unabomber manifesto has more ideas : "me againt technology,m technology bad... cannot say why"

Funny enough both manifesto were written by mathematicians. I am also a mathematician.
Not all mathematicians are like Pascal or Descartes.

A mathematician is an expert in logic, symbolic abstraction and have learn how to manipulate a bunch of abstract things ranging from Algrabra to Functional Analysis or Algebraic Geometry.

Unfortunatelky being able of expressing ideas and ideology is an other problem...

I'm always amaze at example like Mr cedric villani... a medal fields prize who turned into politics but unable to express more ideas than ... 'one whould clean the dog's shit of Paris..." or "there should be politics for velibs (rent-a-bike from the town administration) "

@Jim bell (if you are the right one)
What your years in jail brought to your mind? What sort of ideology? Concepts ?

Sometimes I think that dying is easy but surviving is hard. The same I think going to jail is easy but defeating a bunch of special agents with guns is hard...


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