Gaynor: Free Speech update: Garry Burns is bankrupt

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Fri Jul 24 01:48:40 PDT 2020

Awesome news folks, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board (in NSW, Australia) "is on the verge of a catastrophic defeat"!!!

Fan, freaking, tastic, BatMan!

Not quite there yet on this front, but thousands have contributed from their wallets, from their prayers, and from their moral support to Bernard and his family - they went through some really tough times, even before Covid tought us the meaning of "tough" <:D>.  Seriously, Gaynor is a trooper and so many have played their small part.

It ain't over yet either!  Cancel culture might have just taken a hit, but there's a metric tonne to go yet.  Stay the course!

Pray, muffas!

Pray for righteousness, for justice to prevail, and for those good men under attack to find the strength within to stay the course of truth and justice.


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Garry Burns has filed for bankruptcy

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Dear Zenaan,

Garry Burns is bankrupt. (

This does not mean that his complaints against me are over. There is still a process to unfold. But it does mean that they could end soon. Then the work of holding the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board to account will begin.

I have written some thoughts about Burns' bankruptcy here ( .

And this piece highlights ( the important victories that we have achieved since this farcical saga first began. You will not hear about these victories in the mainstream media.

When we take stock, it is clear that the New South Wales anti-discrimination industry is on the verge of a catastrophic defeat.

These victories are proof that conservatives can win. They are also proof that those who attack us have complete disregard for the law.

However, there is still work to be done. I still have legal costs to pay and still face proceedings in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, NSW Local Court, NSW Supreme Court and High Court of Australia. If you wish to assist, please donate here. (

I have also commenced action to examine Garry Burns' financial affairs. I have reason to believe that this may be an explosive process. Stay tuned.

On Tuesday night at 8pm I will be appearing on Pellowe Talk to discuss these matters.

Tune in online by visiting and clicking on the live stream. I will also be speaking about my latest podcast which focuses on the attack on free speech and 'cancel culture'.

You can view this by clicking below:
Finally, thank you for your ongoing support, prayers, encouragement and generosity. These victories would not be possible without you.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
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