Enigma code-breaking machine rebuilt at Cambridge

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> >         shouldn't you stop posting anglo-US nazi propaganda?
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> >         especially taking into account what the anglo-US nazis think about
> > japan?
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> I do cry all the times when I think about Turing...  

	ok, so let me spell out the facts.

	1) turing was a cog in the anglo-US nazi empire. He was a war criminal.

	2) his 'contributions' to 'computer science' have little to no practical value

	3) here's the best part. Despite turing being a little obedient subject of the english nazi monarchy, his governmnet persecuted and tortured him and drove him to suicide. Yep, the Leaders of the Free World, the enlish jew-kristian nazis, applied their nazi philosophy to the sexual deviant turing. 

> It was my way to say I
> still remember his tragic life and suicide, even after breaking codes...
> Governments are killers.

	and turing was a model employee of his child-murdering government. Turing was a killer. 

ps: the anglo-US nazis didn't 'break' enigma. The useless german nazis used weak keys. 

	Now you knoe. 

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