Fwd: give a listening ear to those who might "struggle"

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 00:20:21 PDT 2020

Oh, yeah, like Van Gogh, give an ear of yours as a love gift!  S/He will
never forget you!  ;)

Please, I know it's very shocking to see Chuck Norris - aka God - using a
mask, but avoid more and more public hysteria.  It is NOT rational, NEITHER
mentally healthy for anyone.

As a little sad boy said much before me, "I see dead people".  It's always
disgusting to say goodbye to corpses, but someday it will be my time of
taking my favorite almonds tea with Lady Death and talking about amenities.

Virus or not, there is something killing my friends, but despair, panic,
hysterical behavior are definitely not the key for solving anything.

I do love the Sciences because I have strong personal reasons for it.  My
freedom of choice, my faith.  You can pray to a piece of wood and I will
try to respect your beliefs, so try to respect mine too, please.  I do
really think Chemistry, Biology, and all the other Sciences, the rational
knowledge in general can save more people than all the churches of this
galaxy together.

(And, well, I keep praying all the days and nights because a piece of my
heart wanted to believe again in a lovely merciful God...  the God of my
early childhood, able to give me rains, rainbows, and saving my friends...
Probably just one of my imaginary friends, less interesting than Mirimir or

Psychological pathology or not, the hysterical behavior and the panic of
some people is certainly collaborating to government's data manipulation,
to the complete lack of our privacy in name of a "greater good", and to the
strategical elimination of specific persons.

Please, stop crying for pretending to be a good person and do something
really useful for this world.  Stop governments.  It will be millions of
times more useful than donating your ear and a mask to someone.
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