Juan, you have a lot of women on your side! - [PEACE]

Mirimir mirimir at riseup.net
Mon Jul 20 21:36:55 PDT 2020

On 07/20/2020 04:28 AM, Zig the N.g wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 04:53:28PM -0700, Mirimir wrote:
>> On 07/18/2020 07:48 AM, Karl wrote:
>>> i feel so furious reading this!  it becomes so hard to do my work!  zig why
>>> are you saying these things?
>> He's saying those things to piss you off. Not you, personally, but
>> people generally who care what randoms on the webs say.
>> More than that, it's hard to say. Z used to be more of a normal geek on
>> this list. But then he started trying to satirize and out-troll Juan aka
>> punks at tfwno.gf, who's been here like forever. So Z has more or less
>> inverted Juan's tropes, in prototypically Australian style.
> You're a kind Soul, Mirimir, and for this I am grateful.

Hey :)

I do get that you say stuff to trigger PC censorship routines, and that
you don't just do it for lulz. And I do share your rejection of PC

Anyway, I'm not at all familiar with Dugin, so thanks for the intro.
It's interesting, but sounds more collectivist than I'd want. I do live
in a cohousing community, but it's more or less equivalent to a village,
and not at all a collective.

So does Dugin advocate sobornost style collectivism? And have you read
Hannu Rajaniemi's treatment of that in his "Flower Prince" trilogy? As
he tells it, all but the few strongest founders become slaves.


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