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> The psychological virus 'Covid-19', yes it may mutate to something fundamentally different, a global psychosis and madness with potentially catastrophic effects.

	well the flu hysteria virus has already infected the whole planet. As a side note it's funny to see that china only had 82,000 cases of flu and that their farce has been over for a few months now. But hey, the evil chinese govt is lying...

	I think the flu hysteria virus illustrates that the current human population is hopelessly retarded(thanks to public 'education' mostly) and willing to believe the most stupid lies, something that can indeed have catastrophic consequences. 

	What the flu hysteria has shown is that govcorp can tell the most outrageous lies, and the majority of ignorant assholes (like many assholes on this list) will believe them. And even advocate for more surveillace! Hey Jim, tell us about the 'achievments' of musk and how google-nsa should 'track the flu'. 

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