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Mon Jul 20 17:58:05 PDT 2020

> Keep a disposable mask prominently displayed in your shirt pocket or
> around your neck, not only so you can use it if needed at a moment's
> notice, but to remind one another that we should look out for each
> other

These masks are perfectly useless. They are a symbol of human solidarity all over the world?
I would think they represent a very small piece of the gigantic fascism to come.

> We do not whow how this virus might mutate into something much worse -

Which virus? The biological one? It's the result of pollution in China mainly. Why it should evolve to something fundamentally different?
Biological viruses do have no such power as far as I am aware of (except in 'blockbuster' films)

The psychological virus 'Covid-19', yes it may mutate to something fundamentally different, a global psychosis and madness with potentially catastrophic effects.

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