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Be alert.

In the face of extended uncertainty and lack of the truth being told
to us, some folks can get a bit stressed out.

By reaching out when you get that nudge or "sharing a little support"
i.e. you're own groundedness, simple preparations ("hey, a little rice
and water can go a long way, right?") and reminders, you may lessen
the fright, the shock, and or the "madness" that some folks might tend

Keep it conservative/real, especially for those who are not inclined
to "think for themselves" much - you know the sort - sometimes a few
simple words like "we'll be right, we're Aussies, and we will pull
through this together, like we always have" can be enough to lighten
the load.  May be confirm that they have your phone number in their
mobile - could make all the difference to their sanity, and if they
have a family at home, this might mean a meaningful difference to
their family.

Keep a disposable mask prominently displayed in your shirt pocket or
around your neck, not only so you can use it if needed at a moment's
notice, but to remind one another that we should look out for each
other, that perhaps we ought take our duty of care "responsibility to
one another" seriously - and a mask let's people know you're thinking
of them, not just yourself!

We do not whow how this virus might mutate into something much worse -
this is the big scientific difficulty with viruses, they can mutate on
a cycle of a few weeks, making any vaccine from even 6 months ago,
less than useful (vaccines are often not harmless, even when they are

So let's continue to give our best to each other, look out for each
other, this is just another journey.

Stay safe, be prepared, and do what your gut tells you is prudent,
moment by moment.

If you pray, then pray; if you meditate or contemplate, do that.

Good luck and may God's will prevail,

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