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>>I laud the goal of seeing Assange released.
>>But perhaps money is not going to get him out. Even the British Queen responded to the petition in relation to this, conceding it "is a political matter"

I think this is fake news... the Queen never took position regarding the case of Assange ...

>> I wonder what she really meant by that! If it is REALLY a "political matter", then it shouldn't have been brought in any criminal court, either US or UK.
>> My understanding is that in UK law, the Queen has the power to pardon. She should exercise that power immediately, and have Assange released.

The british Queen has certainly many powers, as of 2020, but she cannot exercise any of them ..

>> Jim Bell

What would save Assange now is money because with money you can (possibly) buy extraction teams.
Again, nothing else will save or free Assange... he is now on the way to extradition and then to court and then to supermax for the rest of his life, and they will make sure he stays alive but slowly becomes a zombie/vegetable.

As for 'political motives'... it's incorrect, these are 'imperial and ideological motives'. The man threatened (Digital) Rome and the (Digital) Power of Rome/Zeus/whatever must not be defied.

2,000 years ago a Christ was crucified and now in some ways Assange - which is to the contrary far from being without sins - is crucified by a similar power using different ways, hypocritical ways but probably even more horrible than crucifixion.

The mad queen of Roma/ Hillary (Il-a-rit) the great is personnaly behind this and that vicious lady(sic) will make sure he suffers and suffers a lot because a woman's cruelty can far exceed a man's cruelty.

As for the 'laws' and 'democracy' it's a necessary decorum which, again, is very juicy (how much money spent for Assange ?)

Actually there is one and only thing that can save Assange, without the risks of sending a military extradition team to Belmarsh.
But don't believe I will tell there :-)

Some are working in the shadows....
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