Communication Channels [PEACE]

Stefan Claas sac at
Sun Jul 19 22:59:25 PDT 2020

Karl wrote:
> We may or may not incidentally represent major influential figures and for
> one thing our devices are hacked to control our world decisions.  We need
> help securing our devices and understanding what is true about device
> security, and what is needed to improve it.
> Is there a communication channel that resists censorship better than e-mail
> and provides for possible anonymity, to talk with people who have the
> knowledge to relate around establishing secure systems and improving device
> security?
> Thanks,

I would check out Bitmessage which gives you anonymity and is censor resistant
and can be configured for Tor usage. 

You can create also public chans (channels) for discussions, but those can easily
been spammed, from people who do not like Bitmessage.

Another option could be ZeroNet.


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