EU leaders take aim at “Cultural Marxism” -- Re: [PSYCH] [IDEAS WAR] Jordan Peterson destroys (neo-) marxism in 3 minutes

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On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 11:42:54PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> 3 minute Jordan Peterson extract useful for anyone who does not yet
> grok the catastrophe that is marxism expressed in the 20th Century:
> How to shut up a marxist (Jordan Peterson speech)
> Create your world,

EU leaders begin to take direct aim at “Cultural Marxism”:

   Europe Uncensored: An Online Warning Shot
   Tim Kirby via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

      ... Regarding this surprising direct attack on Cultural Marxism Mr. Janša said…

          “To create a new world, you need to dismantle a nation, , family,
          private property, private schools and religion. And, this is going on
          now. This is Cultural Marxism and it’s obvious there is a messy
          offensive, going on through mass media, universities, cultural
          industry, multinational institutions. some political parties… and the
          front against the is offensive is weak and uncoordinated.

      It is hard to argue with the obvious truth that in order to fight ideologically one needs to be organized with a well vetted historical narrative and talking points as well as the civil organizations, media and university infiltration to push it. Compared to the machine these men are up against their forces seem very small. So, the question is to what extent will/are the participants in Europe Uncensored actually going to be able achieve even half of what they want to do?

      ... “Europe is in retreat” [Orbán] said in reference to the dismal
      divorce and birth rate statistics across the union of nations. He also
      added that the “balance of power” has also changed over the last 30 years
      with the UK dropping out among other things. As the leader of a smaller
      often ignored country a restructuring of the balance of power could
      certainly help Hungary. The EU has been dominated by the Liberal West. If
      the core of the EU shifts East there could still be hope for a family
      friendly, pro-human, traditional Europe.

         .. “…A concept of Europe based on Christian Culture… this concept is deeply anti-Communist and pro-family…

      Calling a “spade a spade” is always a good option for a Populist, the key
      thing is, despite these strong words, the message of Mr. Orbán and the
      other leaders is one of changing course, not jumping ship. So far the
      subcontext of the language used at the event sounded like a warning shot.
      They are essentially trying to politely yet loudly tell the EU that the
      ideological side of the status quo is not working. They want to shift the
      EU towards a pro-Christian, less-Liberal, pro-Family organization not
      tear it all down for the sake of some revolution. They want the Eastern
      vision for what the EU could be to come into mainstream acceptance.

      I use the term “warning shot” because at this point the voices on the
      Right in Europe are happy to play nice as long as they start to finally
      get some of what they want. However, if the EU’s Cultural Marxist foolery
      continues another 5 or 10 years and those like Viktor Orbán see the death
      of their culture on the horizon, the next volley will be a lot “lower”.
      Furthermore, much of the EU depends on the USA and if Washington is no
      longer able or willing to dominate Europe certain countries will no
      longer need to engage in polite begging.

      Europe Uncensored was a friendly warning that something is wrong in
      society with a gentlemanly offer to fix it together. But no offer lasts

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