tmpfs is not a ramdisk

Peter Fairbrother peter at
Sun Jul 19 00:14:41 PDT 2020

On 18/07/2020 06:31, Shawn K. Quinn wrote:
> On 7/18/20 00:18, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
>> If you're current RAM+swap is say 8GiB+8GiB, one alternative is to
>> consider upgrading RAM to 16GiB and ditching swap entirely.  That
>> could save your lazy butt from having to learn how to encrypt swap -
>> and just so you know I do in fact want you to feel good about your
>> choice, it will also mean a faster overall user experience ;D
> Some of us out here are stuck on older systems with a maximum of 8GiB of
> RAM. Others may be using systems like the Raspberry Pi that can't be
> upgraded (that I am aware) and that typically max out at 4GiB or 8GiB.
> Sure, it will be a bit faster having 16GiB of RAM and no swap than 8GiB
> RAM + 8GiB swap if that is an option. However, modern operating systems
> are designed to swap out out certain things to make the best use of all
> available RAM and so you will technically not get the full benefit of a
> RAM upgrade going this route. 

You could, of course, use 8Gib of RAM as a swap ramdisk ...

I'll get my coat

Peter Fairbrother

It may be, however, that your usage
> patterns only max out 16GiB of virtual memory usage either way, in which
> case it may not matter as much.

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