Andrew Anlin fails to cognize the intentions of China, shills for globalism

Karl gmkarl at
Sat Jul 18 07:33:41 PDT 2020

Zig e-mailed:
> Tor is a "choice of n.ggers" conundrum: if you don't use it, your local boys
> in blue have much more ready access to your torrenting, if you do use it,
> the CIA/NSA n.ggers get first pluck on your browsing and torrenting data.
> At the moment, there is a faction of the CIA which is actually now
> supporting Trump and the "expose China" agenda, so we should be just fine
> exposing China via Tor at the moment.

After visiting the onion site, I realize I don't know enough about
international politics to tell what is going on, because a lot is in
double-talk (jokes, trolling, disruption, playing-it-safe,
tricking-surveillance, whatever).

> Best to keep it in the dark chats - you never know what "local law
> enforcement officer" with his back door on your ISP is working for the Soros
> faction (one world order/ gov/ etc, straight outta the Tibetan underground
> city and the fallen ones).

Uncertain if Soros is a fictional analogy or not.  Most of us are
supporting dictatorship is some way or another.  Stating clearly: no
specific group is to blame.

>> Don't worry about the brain implant; we all have them now and resisting
>> it
>> is a matter of course.
> You may speak for yourself (and you speak well, your heart is apparently
> good).
> We must encourage others to wake up, lift them into truth, awareness.

Sorry, that was basically accidental disruption.  Talking about
too-severe corruption unneccessarily could get everybody targeted and
dispersed.  Habits to break.

I think I'm trying to focus more on corporate mafia.  I should read the news.

>> The consequences of the results of your/our collective choices shall
>> strike
>> > as Thor's hammer for millenia.
>> >
>> I have: AI does super unexpected things; changes in world dominance
>> produce
>> massive changes rooted in the preferences of a minority; cultures of
>> blockchain-enforced slavery.  My hope is for a defended consensus-run
>> community where people can keep human bodies and natural environments,
>> but
>> I don't know how to help that happen.  What am I missing?  Where are you
>> at?
> It's a life journey of educating all we come in contact with - that which is
> worth building is not identical for everyone, so empathy, understanding and
> communication are essential (believe me, a lifetime of n.ggardly failure and
> brown paper bags might be eternally embarrassing and gut wrenching, but it's
> something?)

Bearing witness is inherent meaning.

So, I stumbled on this obvious item:  coronavirus is making everyone
stay indoors to defend against a very low risk compared to some other
things.  This is basically the same sheepish behavior people engage in
when they do normal things like, buy food at a grocery store that is
available freely in the wilderness, or grown from seeds, or at food
pantries.  All due to marketed cultural "shame" and "health" etc.: the
rational reasons are illogical but keep everybody in-system.  We're at
a growth of culture where it's more overt.

>> If there is no such material, then we need personal dicta, the eye
>> witness
>> > accounts, the truth from our fellow Souls.
>> >
>> We need somebody to organize that data together, really.  It's not hard
>> to
>> find but it is incredibly hard to keep and to relate around, for me.
>> Okay.  So we need to talk a lot more, and stimulate others to talk, and
>> spread their stories.  Hard.
> Once you find folks in your ken, the long journey continues, how to reach a
> point of abundance in food without dependence on The Man.

Pilgrimage of knowledge: learning what is relevant to do.

> Such simple truths might seem too hard, but this is where we must head -
> little pockets of vertical integration in food, water, shelter,
> communication, travel.
> If we don't create the world our future generations need, who will?

Homesteaders are everywhere I suppose.

>> we will
>> fight
>> to the death to stop fighting.

>> You say such wonderful things down here below all the andrews.  I wonder
>> who andrew is.
> He's the n.gger who wrote the article I linked, see below.
> You might create an account at TDS and ask him why he is so pro-globalist,
> that would probably be very useful, because he's actually quite a thinker,
> and although occasionally brash, he is very genuine, and often funny.

I visited the link, but I don't know enough international politics to
trick myself into believing I'm not spreading harm long enough to
engage it.  I simply can't tell what is possibly true from it.

>> goes
>> all "wtf dude you said you were a mindslave did my dictator tell you to
>> spread peaceful words among possible enemies?" and ...
> :D
> You'll make a fine n.gger yet :D

Put the wrong label in some systems and it never goes away.  Could
help a lot of people occasionally.  Can hurt them too.

Thank you for bringing me to Tor.  I'll do my duty and briefly search
for a dark chat.

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