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Sat Jul 18 06:21:06 PDT 2020

On Sat, Jul 18, 2020 at 12:51:12PM +0000, таракан wrote:
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> > To this end, Russia.
> Russia is the last untouched territory, still resisting to the 'global' system which is now in control of the vast majority of the planet.
> But despite what you may think, this has very few to do with 'modern Russians', it's a more historical consequence and the result of the past events ... still a "mass" is present there...
> 'Modern Russia' is vastly awful. A perfect example of social and cultural emptiness, mediocrity and vulgarity. To some extent even far worse than west ...
> 'Modern Russia' is one thing and 'what still could exist in Russia' is one other thing ...
> Putin is a middleman, a compromise, a perfect example of modern 'Menshevik'. In other terms a hypocritical political personage whose goal is to keep the illusion alive ... bullshit army with super-weapons made of cheap Chinese parts and vintage songs (very badly interpreted what's more)
> Until 1991, Marxism-Leninism was ruling in Russia (USSR) ... what they - the communists-  achieved and constructed is still there despite the ideology been (purposively) destroyed.
> There is an intangible "mass" present there, a 'force field' still alive that the other 'mass' of the west is fearing...
> But All this is now invisible to the common people. The official 'ideology' of Russia is to drink beer, vodka, get girls, go to the nearby mall and buy good products and show to others how rich (sic) you are (well... how good you stole everything 20 years ago)
> 'Воры и проститутки' ... it's modern Russia.... and all what you will meet there, nothing else.
> Well among that, every 100,000 of such people there remains one very different of 'them', a straw, a drop of water... and this is the real Russia... invisible.

>From foreign view, I do not see hypocrisy of Putin, I just see him make steady steps in the face of great difficulties.

I believe Russia is just getting her feet, barely, with international chains still around her neck - she needs another referendum to release these bonds, then a time of recuperation, and then new life.

It is slow from individual perspective unfortunately.

There is a deep wisdom in the Russian, enough to not only stay alive after 1991, but to reach today's standing in the world despite relentless Western bullying and financial chains.

I pray that Russia shall be consecrated, and rise again, in peace and compassion.  This is probably easier to see from the outsider "Westerner" point of view, but the West is a financial crack addict struggling to get home at night time.

Russia needs time, and she will have it.  2014 did not become major war.  We are still in the balance.

We exist.

We be.

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