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> > 	so going back to your comments on ideology, notice how cypherpunks are just technocrats whose main interest is 'technology', not freedom. 
> Freedom is a great foundation for any ideology worth embracing.
> We need (?may be) an antidote to gen-me's "yes, freedom is my right to live a 100% self centered nihilistic selfish existence", since when the majority of fertile females just ride the cock carousel, we end up with very low fertility and rapidly declining population (masking the oligarchy's infiniggimmigration).
> For a leg up on the ontological/epistemological foundations of any political theory, Dugin might be half a start to thought and/or discussion:
>    Fourth Political Theory: shortest presentation
>    https://www.geopolitica.ru/en/article/fourth-political-theory-shortest-presentation
> [Heady, but a comprehensive overview to kick off with - only half way through here and had to take a break; resonating so far with the fundamental of the fact of "being" (sort of like existence, but more about meta awareness - reminds of the logical conclusion of the 'primary unit of authority' yet to meaningfully reach 'the individual' (in our politics at least)).]
> Fact: I exist.
> Fact: By virtue of my existence, I am with the right to continue to exist, the right to do those things necessary to perpetuate my existence (grow and hervest plants, farm animals, collect water, build shelter, travel, trade).
> Fact: I am with existence, awareness, intention, will, mind, body, spirit, emotions, desires, fears, abilities and surely more...
> Fact: I am with awareness to the degree that I am aware; awareness is an individual experience; the experience of awareness may be vastly different for different individuals.
> Fact: I am able to en-vision; by this capacity, with will and action, I may create, and I am with the right to create that which I choose to create.

This is apropos, from another Dugin piece, could have been written by Juan :)  :

The War on Russia in Its Ideological Dimension

  .. The only freedom of choice in the kingdom of global liberalism
  is that between Right liberalism, Left liberalism or radical
  liberalism, including far-Right liberalism, far-Left liberalism and
  extremely radical liberalism. As a consequence, liberalism has been
  installed as the operational system of Western civilization and of
  all other societies that find themselves in the zone of Western
  influence. It has become the common denominator for any politically
  correct discourse, and the distinguishing mark which determines who
  is accepted by mainstream politics and who is marginalized and
  rejected. Conventional wisdom itself became liberal. ...

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