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Sat Jul 18 02:48:56 PDT 2020

Individual sovereignty is the foundation of anarchism/ political anarchy.  It is purported to be the foundation of democracy.

"Human rights" (though that term has in certain cases been completely degraded in the main stream media to "moar gibs, muh human right to be fed, clothed and housed by the sweat of others") is another way to say "individual sovereignty".

We live in a technocratic almost post-industrial world.  A Musk or Bezos can roll out a global system of enslavement, becoming a super predator.

In this world of super predators, can individual sovereignty be upheld practically, widely, viably, by the average soccer mum, without national sovereignty, i.e. in a One World Order?

We may posit that national sovereignty, a balance of national powers, is a less dangerous option to a One World Order.

A sovereign nation which wields its sovereignty in justice and righteousness, refusing to preference the million Marxist minorities to the detriment of procreation and stable happy families, is surely an asset to any anarchist seeking that his personal rights and freedoms be respected - we have no need to be led astray by the classic Western (((MSM))) false dichotomies where The End Of History (and the wanton destruction of our history and curture) leads to nothing but abject nihilism, the destruction of family and procreation, and the breakdown of community structures and sanity itself.

To this end, Russia.

Unlike Cambodia which just as with Russia was also subjected to despotism few would imagine, when Russia was on death's door with the Western ((("Harvard boys"))) vultures carving up the people's assets "for the glory of capitalism" with their ruthless "economic shock therapy", the Russian people had produced Putin, a young patriotic and highly principled man, who by providence was in the right place at the right time, and has allowed and helped Russia to rise again, a phoenix resplendent of dignity and yet the results of a people hit as hard or harder than any other.

This difference in this example, speaks to a difference in the people, a fundamental in-built/ genetic difference - it is not Putin per se, it is all Russians!

Everyone is SO not the same!  Peoples are inherently different, and thank God for that.

In fact Putin was and remains by many accounts, the most accomodating to the West, leader that Russia could possibly have elected, and yet here we are, treated with stern (and Oh so appropriate) rebuke from this fatherly and humble man "Putin", speaking on behalf of all Russians, still speaking with us, over and over again still speaking with those who will listen, despite our collective Western descent into madness at the precipice of our own despotism and destruction!

And it is not World War Three we now experience, merely the sigh of relief possible with a drilled "lock down".  What's not to be grateful for?

By God we owe it to ourselves to be grateful to all Russia...

Despite incredible and relentless efforts by our Western oligarchs, Russia still stands!  And we are not once again fighting and killing whites against whites, all against all.  Technically, scientifically, literally and actually, we Whites _are_ the minority on this planet and in times past we have been caused to fight ourselves, to slaughter our best on the front lines of "the war" murder machine.

For Russia and her national sovereignty, there is some undermine in their "Harvard boys" constitution still, but great strides were recently made in their recent referendum.

The Western world waits until November.

Make good use of this time, it's a rare respite ...

On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 12:15:11PM +1000, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 08:13:38AM +0800, jamesd at wrote:
> > On 2019-08-14 3:06 am, John Newman wrote:
> > > James is a bitter, crazy old fuck, a member of a bunch of dumb assholes
> > > who call themselves "neo-reactionaries", who wants to be able to enforce
> > > a patriarchy with Donald Trump as the "God Emperor" and....
> > 
> > Democracy has been tried before.  It always self destructs much the
> > way it is self destructing now, leading, after a longer or shorter
> > period of chaos and ruin, to rule by Caesar.
> In the FLOSS world we are becoming aware of certain concepts which
> may be useful to us collectively in the near future when we see the
> next cyclical currency reset:
>  - the model of the benevolent dictator (e.g. RMS, Linus, van Rossum
>    etc)
>  - the right to fork - any sub-group, or individual, has the right to
>    fork, to start again, to discard any or all, and to create anew
>  - absolute individual sovereignty - the right to pursue ones own
>    path, unilaterally
> When a benevolent Soul is identified, that one ought be recognised,
> 'loved' by those who seek a benevolent dictator - kind of an implicit
> in foundation in "democracy" which sadly ends up mob or oligarchic
> rule.
> Stable money is possible, e.g. 800 years stable, even where private
> bank interest are sucking the life blood of the nations:
>   … The most prominent and best recorded use of the split tally stick
>   or "nick-stick"[6][7] being used as a form of currency[8] was when
>   Henry I introduced the tally stick system in medieval England in
>   around 1100. He would accept the tally stick only for taxes, and it
>   was a tool of the Exchequer for the collection of taxes by local
>   sheriffs (tax farmers "farming the shire")[citation needed] for
>   seven centuries. The split tally of the Exchequer was in continuous
>   use until 1826. In 1834 tally sticks representing six centuries
>   worth of financial records were ordered to be burned in a stove in
>   the Houses of Parliament. The resulting fire set the chimney ablaze
>   and then spread until most of the building was destroyed.[8] This
>   event was described by Charles Dickens in an 1855 article on
>   administrative reform.[9]
>>   Along the Danube and in Switzerland the tally was still used in
>   the 20th century in rural economies.
> ... and remove the parasite (((international banker))) (((European
> style socialist))) "elites", and have a system of identification of
> benevolent dictators (i.e. no "God given" right to rule due to
> birth), and long term stability, along with phenomenal prosperity for
> the entire planet, is possible.
> The "old testament" consciousness is solidly poverty consciousness -
> a zero sum game.
> The industrial revolution demonstrates both
>  a) incredible abundance beyond the wildest dreams of our forebears
>  b) the greatest possible slow down in this advance due to the
>  poverty consciousness of our (((parasitic overlords))) - suppressing
>  Telsa, indebting the world, keeping all on the treadmill of survival
>  in the face of the most fantastic abundance we've ever known
> > One of the common modes of self destruction is that people vote
> > their tribe, ethnicity, race, and religion, which eventually
> > results in tribal warfare and the recreation of states with a
> > common race and religion, which is the failure mode that we are
> > entering into now.
> The banking system of servitude and indebtedness (fundamentally
> poverty consciousness) plays a very large part in this forever war,
> tribal or otherwise.
> Some education in gratitude, empathy, creativity and non zero sum
> games is sorely needed yet denied to the majority.
> Those who accumulate wealth (at the highest levels at least), have
> done so by the creation of a mathematically unstable system - and
> this foundation of money creation through debt is arbitrary - we can
> have stable money, just as much as unstable money, but TPTB have
> gained great wealth and control through the catalyzing of chaos such
> as WWII and the leashing and using of that chaos to their own ends as
> they have done.
> This chaotic opportunity creation (a fundamentally abusive and
> enslaving construct) is merely one of many constructs or 'shared
> common delusions' which we may collectively create/ institute/ uphold
> as our education, will and insight allow...
> > The reactionary movement is people positioning themselves for the
> > coming end of democracy.  We hope to survive it, we hope for our
> > children to survive it, and our politics and plots are aimed
> Some would disagree with this - our politics of "democracy" where
> those elected once each four years are divided into two "supposedly
> oppositional" halves, each of which has a small cadre or caucus of
> "their executive", provides a ready, and almost entirely
> non-democratic, system of control by those with money.
> Thus the creation and expansion of oligarchic power and control.
> Let's not forget the big picture…
> > at making the transition shorter, smoother, and less bloody.
> Perhaps "hoped for" or "proclaimed" or "intended". Just pointing out
> the obvious discrepancy between purported result, and reality.
> > We look at how people in the past have successfully dealt with the
> > problems we are now encountering, and look at the past how people
> > in the past have bloodily and catastrophically responded unwisely
> > to the problems we are encountering now, to learn from past success
> > and past failure.
> In principle yes.
> And to real degree in practice.
> And we have a fundamental systemic issue of a system of usury,
> enslavement by any reasonable definition of the term, which has been
> foisted or perpetrated upon our kings and queens of old and upon the
> nations (therefore the people) generally.
> Usury is fundamentally, as in mathematically, unstable or "chaotic"
> to use that term in its mathematical sense.
> Mathematically or algorithmically chaotic systems of money are but
> one class of various systems of money.
> When a fundamental construct (shared common delusion) of our
> community inter relationships is chaotic, we will have cyclical
> chaos as we witness generally today, interspersed with relatively non
> chaotic times of prosperity (at least for those nations/ families at
> the top of the chaotic financial food chain) and in any case, of
> relative social stability.
> > Trump as holy American Emperor (King under God) would be the ideal
> > solution,
> Perhaps many would instinctively recoil at this description, whereas
> the highest intention of this is now more widely known as "benevolent
> dictator for life, for example as to some degree exampled in the
> FLOSS world at the per project granularity, by various individuals as
> BDFLs of various projects, albeit that Richard Stallman is to some
> limited degree an overarching benevolent dictator figure for the
> whole community."
> Finding such individuals with a high enough IQ to assess the
> fundamentals of (any) problem at issue, and with sufficient (albeit
> dissatisfactory to many) social/ communication and self organisation
> capacity to manifest those insights of "the greater good" (as a
> benevolent dictator naturally turns their mind, heart, Soul), is
> somewhat rare on the scale of "all humans", and so when we do find
> them, we ought uphold their truths, support their calls to action,
> and handle their social un-graces as best we can.
> When/ if any benevolent dictator turns predatorial or non benevolent,
> urgently fork and reset as necessary.
> > God Emperor Trump (cult of personality and all that) a
> > more realistic and practical solution,
> Cult of personality is indeed more practical in the face of modern
> Western humans, thus the public and political success of the washed
> out principles of Linus Torvalds (utility above all else, don't tell
> me about your bloody freedom principles I don't want to know about
> all that politics) in comparison to Richard Stallman (notably
> socially inept, but absolutely relentlessly staunch on his clearly
> stated fundamental principles of freedom in relation to computer
> software).
> Cest la vie.
> Me, I put my attention, intention and weight (as humble or not so as
> it is) behind the RMS'es of the world... give me freedom first, at
> almost any sacrifice. Prisoner's dilemma, eat your heart out! :D
> > but a long period of bloody chaos is more realistic and likely.
> The fundamental driver of today's chaos is the Federal Reserve debt
> machine, which enslaves practically all.
> Releasing this yoke is ultimately an inner battle - Putin has
> demonstrated on a solid few occasions now that wiping out "debt" to
> the tune of many billions of dollars, can be done by the literal
> stroke of a digital pen.
> There's is no mathematical reason we cannot have a global debt
> jubilee - reset without war.
> The pain that those who hold "debt", viciously and emotionally
> demanding that the world pay them NOW or else World War 3 is better,
> is merely an inner emotional block, another prisoner's dilemma.
> The best in the medium term for literally everybody is a global debt
> jubilee.
> And if Lord Rothschild (remember the Fed) decides (and can convince
> his sons to agree) that a global debt jubilee is to be had, then it
> shall be had.
> One can hope.
> Such would be the greatest victory for empathy, righteousness and all
> that is good.
> Such would redeem the last 4000+ years of Jewish usury on the goyim
> (all those who are not Jewish). Let us forgive and move forward in
> sanity.
> > Trump is a deal maker, not a warrior, therefore not the best
> > candidate for God Emperor.  But war approaches, and you go with the
> > leader you have, not the leader you want.
> Indeed, practicality and all...
> As always, remember the Fed.

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