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Fri Jul 17 17:41:10 PDT 2020

> > > so going back to your comments on ideology, notice how cypherpunks are > just technocrats whose main interest is 'technology', not freedom.
> >
> > Everybody wants money and a piece of the cake...
> > Money is the key aspect here... PayPal used by 99% of the slaves-
> > freelancers to get their miserable payments...
> > Freedom is the essence...
> Well said.
> Ironically, this drill lockdown is leaving a lot of folks with a lot more time to conteplate their lives.
> When shelter, food and water is handled, we have the space to find ourselves, to make decisions like "what sort of communication network would be simple and useful between small communities", and "where would we like to travel, or need to travel, and how would we like to do that".
> Covid, for many at least, is a temporary halt to the Human Race.

My analysis is that there are 2 'Covid' viruses:

1) a 'strong' flu - a biological virus - which results from a combination of factors, I think mainly pollution.

2) a massive hysteria, collective paranoia and coordinated fear which is by far much more dangerous than the 'biological' virus. If our human society would be a network of machines, then that 'second Covid virus' would be a computer virus.

In 2) what is striking is the leading role of 'the police' and other similar fascist and coercive powers. People are getting beaten, fined, arrested ... or even killed because they dare to go in the street or refuse to wear a mask. Which mask is probably generally useless by the way ...  note the role of the media in the amplification of that fear: "That man went to a party and mocked Covid-19, now he's dead", just like if it was a punishment from god, at least from the god of Covid-19, like if Covid-9 was the punishment for our crimes and the mask the redemption, the police being the ministers of the 'cult'...

So what is hidden behind this madness? Nothing good? A collective madness... something sinister which is just starting.
Today we must get a mask to get food, tomorrow we will have to show our anus to get the same. This will never end.
It is a great crime than to refuse to sell food or healthcare to someone because that person 'does not wear a mask'.

Can we organize ourselves against that ? Creating groups? Again preppers are just the base, they lack 99% of what a structured parallel society would need to develop itself.

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