www.Tesmanian.com: FCC approves the operation of 'Starlink Router' for SpaceX's internet

Zig the N.g ziggerjoe at yandex.com
Fri Jul 17 17:16:06 PDT 2020

On Fri, Jul 17, 2020 at 09:34:13PM +0000, таракан wrote:
> I still think that if - for example - cypherpunks (or others) would like independent access to internet, they would need to use a technology that they understand from A to Z and more important that they can manufacture themselves.
> Using internet by satellite would require the ability to manufacture satellites - which is not simple but doable and the ability to launch them in low orbit - which, with the technology of mini-launcher is also doable, while requiring a significant budget. Ground stations can also be manufactured... same story, hard to produce by small groups of people.
> On the contrary Short-Waves based data communication do not require complicated digital processing and a ground station can be produced with relatively little equipment.
> Ground stations can be mobile enough not to stay at same place, thus avoiding detection.
> I am unsure anyway we would really need satellites to bring internet to the world, since internet is already everywhere, in my opinion, we may need such satellites for interplanetary communications.
> We're in 2020, the world space fleet is populated with ... a few Soyuz based solely on USSR technology (not bad but clearly slightly limited by now) and one or two (not sure how much) Space-X Dragon... (+ all the secondary stuff: space probes,... )
> As for spaceships able of interplanetary travel, the fleet is ... 0
> so... all that Starlink story is a marketing stunt like always.

Stap 1, folks ought feed themselves without dependence on The Man.

Fail on this, and we shall remain slaves.

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