"unclean hands" -- Re: Fw: Re: Assange Superseding Indictment

таракан cryptoanalyzers at protonmail.com
Fri Jul 17 17:10:18 PDT 2020

The "legal team" of Mr Assange, it is before everything a juicy business... for themselves...

'Law' is a parody there. A necessary comedy for that democratic circus. Well, they won't execute Mr Assange, they will make him slowly
and slowly die... to the extradition, then in the USA, then in a supermax, until the end, and he will be an example for the others who would like to try... just don't try...

Many things were wrong with Mr Assange, If you intend to be a spy, then you keep your profile a total secret, not showing and advertising yourself everywhere on TV.

If you intend to be a 'journalist' (and nothing really positive can be linked to that term) then it's a bad idea to act as a spy...

Finally, if you intend to create an 'open society' which is 'clean' and transparent and where everything is been known, that is exactly what the Soros-US-Democratic shit have promoted in Ukraine with the results of breaking the country in two...

If you mess with the US military secrets, expect reactions. In Russia, Assange would have been shot dead a long,long time ago for having done just a fraction of what he has done. Sometimes I think shot faster even  in 'democratic Ukraine', now after euromaidan.

Crimes of war are everywhere. War is awful. Regarding Donbass there are thousands and thousands of anonymous videos on youtube and elsewhere , similar to the 'Collateral Murders' which has produced by WikiLeaks... featuring horrible crimes , some fakes, some reals.
(and good luck to know which one are real and which one are fake)

So what do we learn from Wikileaks, that the USA are no better than the others 'non-democratic' countries? What a lesson!

There is just a conclusion... whatever one may think of Assange, he certainly doesn't deserve such a horrible fate because Assange didn't kill anyone, didn't steal anyone and didn't intend to cause harm to anyone - even not to the US Government apparently... and I do believe he is probably a very naive person.

What happens to Assange will happen to many others. Once you're in their supermax, it is hard to escape.

Again, all this is a question of action... legal team is bullshit. Totally bullshit.
There are ways of making people out of jail... all depends on risks, money and especially motivations.

What we see is the manifestation of a hidden (and hideous) power inside the 'democratic' countries. That power can only be fought by a group of people who are opposed to that power for ideological reasons. Once again, so far there are no ideology to unite...


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