Ya just can't keep a good meme down

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So you just can't keep a good meme down and since we ripped a new space time continuum in the overton window, those memes just get around all excited like Hillary Clinton at an Iranian missile defence battery at the Tehran international airport - I know, I know, that's an insult to missiles and Ukrainian national airlines.

Memes muffaduckas, they be da bomb!

   #JewishPrivilege Trends on Twitter as People Start to Notice a Pattern

      [triggering Huwaite Zio supremacism meme not attached]

      Even with all of the banning going on on the internet, the Jews are having a hard time keeping the lid on the bottle as they continue to shove this “white privilege” nonsense down people’s throats while they themselves are by far the wealthiest and most privileged group in America.

      Typically, Jewish privilege entails being totally above all forms of criticism. However, on Sunday, #JewishPrivilege was a top trending topic on both American and British Twitter.


         Some of the tweets revived the attempt to pass themselves off as being Jewish and “confessing” their sins of privilege.
         One wrote that he felt “guilty that our people’s role in slavery dwarfed Whites, but it’s important we pay for that dominant role that hurt so many millions of blacks. We jews are 1/3 of billionaires and MUST give much more to blacks.”

         Almost immediately, Jews across Twitter pushed back, using the same hashtag to share their experiences with antisemitism. By early Monday, the hashtag had been largely “flipped”: #JewishPrivilege was dominated by reminders of antisemitism over the years and stories of struggles with modern antisemitism.

      The reason it “flipped” is that everyone who was tweeting against the Jews was banned.

      Regrettably, at time of writing, all of the tweets calling out the Jews have been deleted, and all that is left are a bunch of Jews using the hashtag to whine about how mean people are to them.

      .. [litany of whining tweets elided]

      These tweets just go on and on and on with these people whining like nothing you’ve ever seen in your life. But you get the picture.

      Surely, this whole “yes, we are the richest and most powerful, but also the most oppressed, please listen to us whine about how oppressed we are” bit does not go over well with most people?

      It will be interesting to see if the Jews can continue to manage this situation, continue to deflect from themselves as they promote the idea that certain groups – whites, in particular, and to a much lesser extent, East Asians – need to be punished for their status in society. ..

A reminder of what shall contiue to progress if we fail to keep opening that overton window - bent knees by the likes of Linus Cuck Torvalds:

   Linux Creator Finally Stops Killing Black People, Replaces Murderous Words in Coding Style Guide

      Pictured: Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux, back when he still had a spine.

      Linus Torvalds is old, tired, and just wants to be paid and left alone.

      They broke him back in 2018, when enemies – led by the New Yorker, a Jewish media publication – effectively ran him out of his own company. He was allowed to return after a period of time off, but now he basically just functions as a figurehead, and does what the frizzy-haired mulattoes running the HR department tell him to do.

      This newest thing he has agreed to is just simply bizarre. Apparently, we can’t even say the words “white” and “black” anymore – in any context.


         Linus Torvalds approved on Friday a new and more inclusive terminology for the Linux kernel code and documentation.

         Going forward, Linux developers have been asked to use new terms for the master/slave and blacklist/whitelist terminologies.

         Proposed alternatives for master/slave include:
         main/replica or subordinate
         host/worker or proxy

         Proposed alternatives for blacklist/whitelist include:

         The Linux team did not recommend any specific terms but asked developers to choose as appropriate.

         The new terms are to be used for new source code written for the Linux kernel and its associated documentation.

         The older terms, considered inadequate now, will only be allowed for maintaining older code and documentation, or “when updating code for an existing (as of 2020) hardware or protocol specification that mandates those terms.”

      “Primary” and “secondary” are definitely not good replacements for “master” and “slave.” Probably, better terms would be “boss” and “employee.” However, that probably is still not allowed under this new communism that we have on our hands, as it still implies a power differential.

      The terms leader, director, and controller reek of toxic masculinity. Why does there have to be an imbalance of power with some parts of the Linux kernel being above others? We have equality now, and both people of color and women are at the same level as white men. We need to reflect that in software, just like we’re now making software reflect that black lives matter. There is no place for hierarchy in software function.

      It’s time to address structural racism in open source software, yes, but it’s also time to address structural inequality.

      If we want a truly inclusive open source software environment, we need to destroy unequal relationships of power in computer programs.

      In fact, we need to stop giving orders to our computers altogether. If you think about it, computers are just like black people. We’ve built America on the backs of blacks, by forcing them to pick the civilization-building material known as cotton, and now we’re exploiting computers for our own selfish gains too.

      It’s slavery all over again.

      Computer Lives Matter.

All lives matter?

Damn straight:

   First Blood: White Woman Killed for Saying “All Lives Matter”

   Asked About “Cops Killing Blacks” Hoax, Trump Says “White People” Five Times

   CNN Journalist Who Doxed Tucker Carlson’s Writer is a Persian Dissident Targeting War Critics

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